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Workouts to Lose Thigh Fat – Best Thigh Workouts From Home

workouts to lose thigh fat

Workouts to lose thigh fat. The thighs can be one of the most frustrating areas to lose weight in. Some women find it easy to lose weight in all regions except the thighs. Thankfully, there are specific cardio workouts to lose thigh fat that can be implemented to work on these areas. The inner thighs are not regions that are exercised in everyday activities and as such specific exercises are needed to give the thighs a comprehensive work out.

Hip Bridge with Squeeze

This is one of the more effective inner thigh workouts and can be commonly seen in yoga routines by trainers. Place a block or medicine ball between your knees. Now with your feet flat on the floor and your back on the floor, raise your hips while squeezing the ball or block. Repeat 10 times. This will give your inner thighs an intense workout that will help burn fat in that area of the body.

Plié Squat

One of the top workouts to lose thigh fat, that is effective is Plie Squat. These ballet-inspired moves are great for working out the inner thighs. The plié Squat is the same as a typical squat except the toes are pointed on the floor while squatting, as much as possible. If you cannot keep your toes pointed to the floor, do the best you can. And standard squats are an effective inner thigh workout in any case.

Forward Lunge Back Kick

This involves the completion of a forward lunge with an additional kickback. The bent leg is to be extended backward horizontally while the back is flat, as much as possible. Rotate the leg towards the sky for an extra inner thigh workout. The initial standard lunge is also useful for working out the inner thighs. Add some dumbbells to make the lunge more intense and give the inner thighs a real squeeze.

Successful completion of these three exercises or cardio workouts to lose thigh fat should get your inner thighs back to their natural state. Do these exercises regularly and with some consistency and you will see results in no time. Good luck!

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