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Workout Before Bed Plus Rooibos Tea Benefits to Losing Belly Fat

rooibos tea benefits

Workout before bed plus rooibos tea benefits to losing belly fat. People all over the world spend billions of dollars on weight loss supplements and programs annually. Although there isn’t a single weight loss program that is 100 percent effective for everyone, you might be surprised that there are some things that you can do before going to bed every night that would help you lose a few extra pounds. Below are couple nighttime rituals, including rooibos tea caffeine and before bed stretches that could help you get rid of those stubborn belly fats.

1. Rooibos tea benefits before bedtime.

Who says that caffeine or drinking tea or coffee keeps you up at night? Not with rooibos tea caffeine, by drinking a cup of rooibos tea, you will be able to sleep like a baby and burn some belly fat while you sleep. The naturally decaffeinated rooibos tea benefits are derived from the leaves of the red bush plant that only grows in South Africa. What is great about this drink is that it contains a high amount of calcium and magnesium which helps with sleep, but more importantly, it contains the strong flavonoid Aspalathin, which is effective for getting rid of that unwanted belly fat because it can minimize the stress hormones that promote fat storage and trigger feelings of hunger.

2. Perform some resistance training.

When you talk about a workout before bed the first thing that comes to mind is before bed yoga. However, if you want to lose weight while you sleep normal before bed exercises will not be enough. What you need is pre-sleep resistance training. According to a journal published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, those who did some resistance training experienced a greater resting metabolic rate for an average of 16 hours after doing the training. So, even if you do your workout early in the morning, you may still gain from it, however, before bed stretches a few hours before bed is the most effective in increasing metabolic rate.

3. Allow cold air to come in.

One of the old-time rituals that have nothing to do with an actual workout before bed is sleeping in a cold temperature room.  In a study published in the journal Diabetes, it was indicated that turning down the heat during the winter season or blasting the aircon during the summer can help get rid of belly fat while you’re asleep. Lower temperatures can boost the effectiveness of the body’s brown fat which keeps you warm by aiding you to lose belly fat.

This study involves participants spending a few weeks sleeping in rooms with different temperatures—cool (66 degrees), neutral (75 degrees), and balmy (81 degrees). It was found after a month of sleeping at a cool room, the participants had nearly doubled the levels of brown fat in their body which helped them shed belly fat.

4. Take a bath.

According to a study conducted by researchers from UCLA which involves some of the remaining hunter-gatherer tribes, a decrease in temperature was an essential sleep cue for the Paleolithic forebears. If you want to recreate the sunset-like temperature drop, you can have a nice hot bath or shower which can then make you sleep faster and better.

It is important to note that no rooibos tea benefits, before bed stretches, or any workout before bed alone can do the magic. Yes, they do contribute a lot, however, before bed yoga or any of these methods alone cannot totally replace your strict diet and workout regimen. Doing the steps above will surely help you boost your weight loss efforts much faster when combined with a healthy diet and proper workout regimen.

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