The Plank Exercise – Why The Plank Exercise is Good

The plank exercise and the plank exercise benefits. In recent years, bodyweight workout routines and calisthenics have become increasingly popular. This is because they can effectively improve strength and a person’s ability to move functionally.

If you aim to have a toned, more muscular, and fit body, you need to do the plank exercise regularly. Because planking is one of the best exercises, you can perform almost anywhere and without any equipment. Below are the top seven reasons why plank exercise is good for you—in other words, the plank exercise benefits.

1. The plank exercise can burn calories.

While many people believe that the only way to burn those excess calories is through cardio exercises, bodyweight exercises such as the plank exercise can yield similar results. For best results, it is recommended to perform 10 sets of 1-minute plank exercises every day.

To gain the real benefits of plank exercise, do three sets of planks within 15 minutes. Do one minute, rest for 4 minutes, and repeat until you completed three sets of one minute each.

2. The plank exercise will improve your core strength.

One of the reasons why plank exercise is good for you is by improving your core strength. The plank exercise works out all your core muscles, including everything from your shoulders to your glutes. Not only will plank exercise help you get toned abs, but it also will stabilize your hips and shoulders.

It will also improve the shape of your obliques, make your glutes stronger, and strengthen your back muscles. When you strengthen your core muscles, you will be able to lift heavier items without getting injured, as well as do complex movements with ease.

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3. The plank exercise can help you maintain a better posture.

The reason why the plank exercise is good for you is that it can improve your body posture. Sitting all day can take a toll on your body posture, and planking can help you solve that problem.

Furthermore, poor body posture can lead to weaker glutes, higher stress on your lower back muscles, tighter hip flexors, and rounded shoulders. And that is why you need the plank exercise benefits you can gain from doing this excellent bodyweight exercise. As mentioned above, planking can lead to stronger core muscles, which will eventually make it easier for you to maintain a good posture and prevent back pain or injuries.

4. The plank exercise can make you more resistant to injuries.

Another reason why plank exercise is good for you is that it can help reduce your injuries. Concerning the earlier items mentioned, improving the core muscles through planking can lead to increased strength.

When your body is more muscular, you will lift heavy things easier, thereby preventing back injuries. Also, because it also works out your glutes, you will be less likely to experience hamstring pulls or tears while running or playing sports, which often happens when you have weak glute muscles.

5. The plank exercise can increase your mobility – the other benefits of plank exercise

When you have weak abdominal muscles, your hip flexors will be burdened to maintain core stability and eventually lead to tight hip flexors. Because planking can strengthen your abs, you will have improved hip mobility and perform squats, twists, and other complex or precise movements properly.

6. Plank exercise can improve your cardiovascular health – the plank exercise benefits everybody needs.

Because plank exercises require you to make your abdominal muscles tensed, your breathing will also be controlled. Because of this, you will get used to breathing while your abs are tensed and will make you more efficient when doing cardio

7. The plank exercise can help you have a better mood.

Being in a better mood is another reason why the plank exercise is good for you. Like other exercises, the primary reason why the plank exercise is good for you is that plank exercise can relax your mind and help your body release endorphins or happy hormones.

Furthermore, it can release the tension that you feel in several parts of your body that are constantly under stress due to your lifestyle, such as your hip flexors under pressure for sitting all day.

Final thoughts on why the plank exercise is good for you

Performing plank exercise can bring you a lot of health benefits, and the best thing about this is that you don’t have to spend too much time doing plank exercise. All it takes to gain from the plank exercise is only 5-minutes of your time every day.

To gain the full benefits of plank exercise done right, you must do this at least 5 to six times a week. Make sure to complete at least 180 seconds, or 3 minutes a day, whether you do it all in one set or three sets of 1 minute each. The plank exercise benefits are immeasurable and can significantly improve your life and health—so learn, master, and do it regularly.

Thank you for reading our tips on the plank exercise, and good luck to you! And those are reasons why the plank exercise is good for you.

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