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Weight Loss Drinks at Home – Drinks to Lose Weight Fast at Home

weight loss drinks at home

Weight loss drinks at home are drink recipes that you can prepare at home to lose weight. Talking about drinks to lose weight fast at home may sound a little far-fetched. Or one would say that such drinks that will help you lose weight nearly sound too good to be true, however, it has been proven that there are weight loss drinks prepared at home that can help you do just that easily. Fat cutter drinks are beneficial and can help many people lose weight. They are easy to make at home, or at work, and are fantastic ways to start a long-term weight loss regimen. Here are four weight loss drinks to lose weight fast at home recipes that will give you your slim trim figure back in no time.

  • 1) Green Tea Detox
    Green Tea kicks your fighting metabolism into gear. It contains Epigallocatechin gallate. (EGCG), which is a health-boosting antioxidant. ECGC is directly linked to fat loss as it is an effective stimulator of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process in which fat in the body is burned to produce energy. Just bring a pot of water to a boil and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then pour the water over the tea leaves for one minute before serving. Not only does it help to boost your metabolism, but it will help you lose weight. The nutrients and antioxidants in green tea provide many health benefits from preventing cancer and improving brain function. Have two cups a day to reap the benefits. One study published by NCBI titled ‘Green tea catechins, caffeine and body-weight regulation’ indicated that green tea alone is enough to facilitate weight loss.
  • 2) Raw Honey and Cinnamon Mix
    This should be taken before meals for best results. It helps boost the digestive system which kick-starts your metabolism, enhancing your energy levels significantly. Add a tablespoon of cinnamon to a cup of warm water and let it cool for half an hour. Then mix the honey in until it’s fully dissolved. A cup a day will get you on your way to your dream weight loss goals. Indeed, this is one of the best weight loss drinks at home that anybody trying to lose should give a serious try.
  • 3) Cucumber and Grapefruit Drink
    This is an amazing drink for quick weight loss. Grapefruit contains enzymes called activated protein kinase. They assist the body to help assimilate sugar, increasing metabolism and shredding calories. Chop half a slice of cucumber, a sliced lemon, and a medium sized grapefruit. Put them all in a blender and add some mint leaves and a cup of water. Blend well and put it into the freezer to chill. Regular intake of this drink helps shade calories as well as any unwanted toxins.
  • 4) Kale Smoothie
    Kale is a fantastic superfood which is packed with lots of amazing nutrients and minerals. It’s very low in calories but high in nutrition which allows you to fill up quickly and lose weight fast. There are many Kale recipes such as a banana kale smoothie. Add one banana cut into chunks, 2 cups of chopped kale leaves and half a cup of almond milk to a blender. Blend it all up, add some ice if you wish, serve, and enjoy.

When you are on a quest to find the best drinks to lose weight fast at home, the four drink recipes mentioned above should be on top of your list. Weight loss is not something that happens as quickly as one would like, however, eating right, being consistent, coupled with moderate exercise can help a lot. Give the weight loss drinks at home above a try and see if they are what you have been missing in your weight loss journey.

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