Dangers and side effects of sleeping with makeup on

Sleeping with makeup on, dangers and side effects. Should you sleep with your makeup on? The answer to that question is unequivocal no. There are five reasons you should not wear makeup to bed, and that is what this article is all about, which we will explore in detail.

After a long tiring day at work, washing your face at night before bed can sometimes be a daunting task, and many might want to escape doing it. Understandably, many might not think that washing their makeup off before going to bed is a big deal, but is it? And the answer again is yes! Sleeping with makeup on is not cool.

You might even argue that you are not wearing a lot of makeup, so it is okay to clean your face first thing in the morning. However, what you do not know is that you could suffer from sleeping with makeup side effects. Even to some people, sleeping with makeup on for just one night is not okay.

According to Janet Pardo, Clinique’s Senior VP of Product Development, the skin is the biggest organ in your body, and you should take care of it. The Clinique dermatologist David Orentreich, M.D., further added that your skin is a busy organ that protects you from free radicals and the sun’s harmful rays during the day and then repairs itself at night.

Wearing makeup to bed requires the organ to work way harder, he argued. Therefore, watch out for sleeping with makeup side effects because your skin demands so.

In this article, we will discuss five significant reasons why you should never wear makeup to bed and reasons why sleeping with makeup on for one night may not be such a good idea. Below are 5 reasons why wearing makeup to bed should be avoided.

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1. It can clog your pores.

When you do not remove makeup, it can clog your pores, stretch them, and make them look oversized. By taking the time to clean your makeup off your face before you go to bed, you are keeping your pores clean and healthy.

If you believe you need a complicated regimen to clean makeup off your pores and maintain vibrant skin, think again! A simple skincare routine is enough—a cleansing product to remove day-old makeup, an exfoliating product to remove old skin cells and prompt renewal of cells, and finally, a moisturizing product to keep oil and water levels in your skin balanced.

2. It will make your skin dry.

Sleeping with makeup will dry and damage your skin. Cleaning off your makeup will give the skin on your face the chance to breathe and regain its healthy moisture levels. The uppermost layer of your skin’s primary duty is to lock the moisture and maintain your skin’s natural moisturizing feature. What makes your skin feel good is the perfect balance of water and oil. After cleansing, applying a moisturizer can help restore this balance.

3. It will bring the dirt and pollution from outside into bed.

Bringing dirt and pollution to bed is probably the least of these sleeping with makeup side effects that most people should concern themselves with; however, you should not discard it.  Regardless of how clean you think your city is, there are still dirt, smoke, and industrial pollution accumulating onto your skin. If you do not get rid of your makeup and the particles that come with it, the chain reaction of oxidative stress progresses through the night, and this includes premature aging of your skin.

4. It will cause acne – sleeping with makeup on primary danger.

When you think about the danger of sleeping with makeup on for one night alone, getting acne should be a good enough reason to say no to that idea. When bacteria, dirt, and oil get accumulated on your skin together with makeup, and you slept without cleaning your face, you will likely get breakouts.

 Your skin will not turn cells over as usual, and consequently, you will soon be dealing with regular breakouts overtime. One way you can prevent this is by using a cleanser that is gentle on your skin to remove your day-long makeup and other unwanted dirt on your face. You can also use a gentle foaming formula to help clear out the acne that has already formed.

5. It will irritate your skin.

Another makeup side effect that can result from wearing makeup to bed is that it will irritate your skin. While your skin can tolerate a lot of stuff and protect you, it can also become reactive when you leave makeup, dirt, and oil longer than you should. Your makeup will not cause an adverse reaction when you have it on for about 8 hours, but it can irritate your skin when you have it for 24 hours. This is especially true if your skin is already prone to sensitivity.

Final thoughts on sleeping with makeup on and the possible makeup side effects

Sleeping with makeup side effects caused by the five reasons given above are genuine, and you should be mindful of the damage those could do to your skin. Cleaning your face to remove makeup and dirt particles is the surefire way to prevent acne and skin irritation.

You do not need to use tons of cleansing products for your face; a few effective ones will do. The key here is to find skincare products that are ideal for your skin type and do not contain any harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. However, the most important and obvious thing to do is to avoid sleeping with makeup on. Wearing makeup to bed is a bad idea, do your best to prevent it.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to you! And those are your list of sleeping with makeup on dangers you should avoid.

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