Laundry Hacks – Silver Foil Ball in Washing Machine

  • Publish Date: 27-03-2019 / 2:09 AM
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Laundry hacks – silver foil ball in the washing machine. Silver foil (or aluminum foil) has many uses. And the most common uses for silver foil are for wrapping foods while baking in the oven to prevent foods from burning, wrapping foods to be refrigerated, etc.,

Some people use silver foil to line their cabinets and drawers to make them easy to clean. Some even believe that you can use it to polish silverware, or scrub dishes, and much more.

 However, the silver foil has another use that may even surprise you. Yes, you heard right, the silver foil ball in the washing machine hacks. You can use silver foils in the laundry for washing clothes.

Sometimes, when doing the laundry, there can be a buildup of static charge on clothes. This can result in dust particles appearing on washed clothes—therefore, the laundry hacks using silver foil ball in your washing machine to prevent static electric charge when you do laundry.

The laundry’s static electric charge buildup is quite common, more common than many people realize. When this happens with your laundry, there is a way to deal with it head-on by inserting some rolled-up silver foil ball in your washing machine to remove the static charge.

This can be especially useful when dealing with wool, cotton, or socks, which sometimes collect little fabric pieces due to the static charge buildup on the clothes. When appropriately used, washing your clothes with silver foil can remove almost 95% of static charge and help your clothes collect fewer dust particles.

Silver foil has more to offer than laundry hacks

Below are other essential facts for using silver foil in the laundry that most people may or may not know. These are mainly in the areas of safety and benefits of silver foil. Let us explore those more.

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Other Laundry Uses for Silver Foil?

Silver foil can also be used in the dryer to absorb the static charge. The benefit is that it a more environmentally friendly alternative to fabric softeners. Here are some advantages of using silver foil in the washing machine instead of a typical fabric softener.

  • Healthier for you – no more toxic chemicals on your clothes.
  • More environmentally friendly – Fewer dry sheets in landfills or plastic bottles from fabric softeners. Aluminum is effortless to recycle
  • Cost cutter – The balls can be reused and are far cheaper than fabric softeners or dry sheets.
  • No dust particles will attach to clothes due to static charge.

Final thoughts on laundry hacks, using silver foil ball in the washing machine

There are many ways to cut costs and go green. Simple items like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, silver foil, and sea salt have various uses. There is often no need for an expensive chemical solution that is harsh for your body and bad for the environment.

One potential disadvantage of using a silver foil ball in the washing machine instead of a fabric softener is that the clothes might not feel as soft as you are used to. This will be more noticeable with smaller articles of clothing than large ones.

In all, using a regular fabric softener will be better for most people; however, if you run into a situation where a standard fabric softener cannot solve your static electric charge problems. Then you must use the washing machine hacks known as silver foil ball.

I hope the washing machine hacks discussed above will help you in the future should you run into any problem with static electric charge with your laundry. Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you. And those are your laundry hacks of putting silver foil ball in the washing machine hacks.

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