Shocking Revelation – About Cigarette Smoking

The effects of cigarette smoking – a shocking revelation. As we all know, cigarette smoking is a serious problem. But some things are even more shocking than the scandals and severe health concerns.

Here are a few of the shocking revelations about cigarette smoking you do not know about, as revealed by studies done in the UK, and the United States. It is about cigarette smoking and poverty – not smoking addictions.

1. Smoke Kills – the number one effects of cigarette smoking:

We all know that smoking addictions kill, but can you believe that it also plunges children into poverty because parents are prioritizing their smoking addictions ahead of their children.

Parents neglecting children’s education, food, transportation, and clothing are a few of the unknown dangers of cigarette smoking. A 2015 UK study found that parent smokers forego essential household items to pay for cigarettes. The study confirmed that smoking exacerbates child poverty—which indeed is an apparent effect of cigarette smoking.

In 2012, over 2 million children were estimated to be in relative poverty in the UK; a sizeable percentage of those children came from households with smoking parents.

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2. No Country is exempt:

The problem is not limited to the UK. A New York study found that low-income smokers spent up to a whopping 25% of their income on cigarettes. That is, one-quarter of the wages of low-income earners who smoke in New York. This means that smoking parents in New York send a quarter of their income to the tobacco companies.

Smokers in New York State earning less than $30,000 a year spent 25% of their total income on packets of cigarettes, according to a study from the Public Health and Policy Research program of RTI, a nonprofit institute—indeed, that is a real shocking revelation.

Even more surprising, they paid nearly 40% percent of New York’s cigarette tax revenue. And the situation is not that much better in other states, where the average is 14% for low-income earners. It seems that cigarettes are ruining lives in more ways than just lung and heart disease, severe as such conditions are.

I guess you can call this a real shocking revelation and dangers of cigarette smoking. Folks, smoking addictions affect lives in many different ways, and many do not even know about it.

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3. Income spent on taxes, not food: 

What is more, taxes and the price of tobacco has been rising steadily in recent years? The issue is that household incomes have not. So, the lower-income families, the ones who are already the poorest and most likely to smoke, are getting hit harder and harder, a true telltale sign of Cigarette Smoking and poverty.

Aside from lung and heart disease and smoking addiction concerns, the dangers of cigarette smoking are far and reaching. The effects of these dreadful diseases and the indirect costs to all citizens are immeasurable.

When you consider the effects of cigarette smoking, first think about medical cost and hospitalization for these poor people who do not have health insurance, and whose cost is borne by the taxpayers.

Indeed, the direct cost is not only smoking addictions or lung and heart disease, but it rubs the children of their future—yes, the direct costs are severe.

Because those who are the poorest bear the brunt in terms of money, health, children’s future, and much more, which means that already poor children sink even deeper into definite poverty. These are indeed shocking revelations and dangers of cigarette smoking.

Conclusion on effects of cigarette smoking:

Smoking addictions and associated dangers are no longer news, and it is a world epidemic. Unfortunately, it is an epidemic that has devasted the poor among us. Despite the ugly effects of cigarette smoking, its associated dangers, people are still doing it, and in the process, endangering their lives and their families.

Sad news, indeed. You would think that people will not risk lung and heart disease for a short burst of pleasure, but they do. The effects of cigarette smoking as we have learned extend beyond smoking addiction, or other related health conditions—it plunges poor people and their families into abject poverty.

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