Secrets of Anti-Aging – Why Asian Women are Petite

Secrets of anti-aging, petite Asian women and why most Asian women are little.  Asians are known to be good at math, but aside from that, they are also known to be primarily petite and skinny; plus, they always look younger than their age.

This article will share some of the possible reasons behind this phenomenon: Here are Secrets of anti-aging – 10 reasons why they are so many petite Asian women more than any other cultural group.

1. Asians eat healthily.

Asians’ diet mostly consists of home-cooked meals of primarily vegetables, fruits, fish, rice or noodles, and less red meat. Meanwhile, people consume too many refined carbs, sugar, fat, and fast foods in the US. This may be surprising to many, but what you eat can be your secrets to anti-aging.

2. The way Asians prepare food is healthier.

Asian’s secret of anti-aging starts with their food preparations. Speaking of anti-aging secrets, Chinese food, for instance, is usually cooked by boiling, steaming, or stir-frying. Meanwhile, in the West, people tend to deep fry food too much. In Japan, breakfast consists of various small courses that include green tea, miso soup with tofu, egg omelet, fish, rice, and seaweed, rather than deep-fried donuts or sugar-laden breakfast pastries.

3. Asians have less exposure to sugar.

The traditional breakfast in China, for example, involves noodles or rice porridge instead of pancakes, cereals, and breakfast pastries which usually have a high level of sugar. Furthermore, Asians tend to drink tea, which is a healthier option than sugary drinks—and that could explain why there are more petite Asian women than any other culture.

4. Asians tend to eat family style.

Eating or dining family-style is another secret of the anti-aging secret of the Asians. Because Asians tend to eat family style and share dishes, they save some for other family members and eat smaller portions.  Indeed, smaller amounts are anti-aging secrets that everybody should be aware of, not just the Asians.

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5. Asians usually use chopsticks – well-known secrets of anti-aging of the Asians.

Another secret of anti-aging that could be debated is eating with chopsticks; however, many believe that chopsticks make you eat slower. Eating using chopsticks takes a bit longer than when you use a spoon and fork or a fork and knife.

Thus, Asians are likely to eat more slowly, which helps them feel full while eating less, and it helps to digest food properly—there is no doubt that overeating makes you age quicker, and that is a petite Asian secret to remember.

6. Asians are more physically active.

Secrets of anti-aging that sets Asians apart from others, especially the Chinese people, are their physical activity level even at an advanced age. In China, you will see people in the park doing Tai Chi and other exercise forms early in the morning.

Moreover, in Japan, most people use public transportation, which means that they would have to walk from one station or transfer point to another and stand on crowded trains. (Many people from the West will argue about this one’s accuracy; however, it is worth mentioning.)

7. Social pressure to stay skinny.

In China, being obese is frowned upon, especially for women. Meanwhile, in Japan, people are more conforming than the American society. In their country, the expectation is that you should be thin. It is not that obese people are shunned, but the expectation is that people should look thin. And this is true; the thinner you look, the younger you tend to appear physically. Therefore, social pressure could indeed be considered a part of the petite Asian women’s secrets.

8. It has something to do with their lifestyle.

The way they live keeps them healthy. Aside from the unplanned exercises, Asians have a different mindset about food—they enjoy a variety of healthy foods without diet concerns.

9. Asians do not drink as many unhealthy beverages compared to those in the West.

In the US, people drink a lot of high-calorie beverages and alcoholic drinks. This is not necessarily true for Asians, and when they do, they tend to consume smaller portions compared to Western people. Again, eating smaller portions is anti-aging secrets that only the Asians seem to know and practice.

 10. Asians tend to walk or ride their bike everywhere.

Again, no secrets of anti-aging start without physical activities. Biking and walking are effective forms of exercise that can keep you in shape. Because Asians normally walk and ride their bike to get from one place to another, they can look younger and maintain a petite body—true petite Asian women secret known for generations.

Final thoughts on petite Asian secret lifestyles:

Asian women, or Asians in general, are stereotyped to have a petite body compared to those in the West. The explanations presented in this article are just some of the possible reasons. Keep in mind that other factors may come into play, such as genetics and other environmental factors.

I hope that the petite Asian secrets listed in this article will help you understand why Asian people and their women generally age well and always look petite. Thank you for reading, and good luck to you! And those are your tips for secrets of anti-aging, the petite Asian women reasons.

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