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This Privacy Policy is effective as of September 21, 2011. (“We” or “Us” or “Our”) is owned, maintained, and operated by Triple E Holdings Ltd. We guarantee that the privacy of our online users is protected. To safeguard the day-to-day operations of this website (or the “Site”), this Privacy Policy (or the “Policy”) is conceptualized. The collection of Personally Identifying Information (or “PII”) from the users are discussed in this Policy. It is strongly suggested that before using our services and before navigating through the Site, that you read thoroughly the entire Policy for proper guidance. Should there be any questions thereafter, feel free to contact us and we would be honored to extend our assistance. It is given that this Policy forms part of the Terms of Use of the Site. In case a user is not amenable with the provisions embodied in this Policy, there is an option not to provide us with any PII or any other related information. There is also an option not to continue using the Site.


1.1 Information collected In this Site, the Facebook Login is neatly incorporated so that the users can make use of their Facebook Account to access the Site’s services. The only requirement on this is an express authorization from the user allowing Facebook to share the user’s information in the Site upon logging in through us. Before going any further, we recommend that all users must review the Privacy Setting of their Facebook Account. That settings will identify the PII that may be shared with the Site.We do not access all of the information shared with us, but rather only those PII which we deemed helpful and can enhance the Site’s experience. This includes the user’s name, age, gender, and location. At any time that a user gives us other information via email, letter or survey, we reserve the right whether to collect the information or not.

1.2 Information provided in the Site’s public area Information expressly, voluntarily, and openly given by any user in the Site’s public area may be viewed by other visitors, and users. Such information may even be utilized by others for other purpose. It is expressly stated that any information freely and voluntary submitted by the users on the aforesaid public area, that the Site is not responsible thereof in any way whatsoever. Thus, as a security measure to all of our users, please do not openly disclose confidential information like telephone numbers (personal or office numbers), email addresses, home address, including any instant messenger account information.

1.3 Information gathered or collected by third parties We are notifying our users that there are advertisements from third persons, contents provided by third parties, and several links to other sites incorporated in the Site. We make sure that all of the contents shown by such third parties are properly identified as really coming from them.Note that there are cases in which said third party sites, advertisers, and content providers or their duly authorized representative are using some kind of program or technology in delivering to the user’s browser the ads found in the Site. At times, they may possibly use action tags or single pixel gifs also called web bacons, cookies, java script, or any other program purposely to determine the level of effectiveness of their advertisements. It is also to patronize their advertising content. When any of these things happen, they instantly get your IP address. We emphasize that the Site has neither control nor access on said cookies that the third party advertisers may use. This goes to saying that the information applications and practices of such parties are explicitly not within the ambit of this Policy, but rather the same are governed by their own privacy policy. No PII is being provided nor shared to aforementioned site links, advertisers, and content providers. At any rate though there are instances that, on account of mutual agreement and consensus, we share information that are non-personally identifiable (or “non-PII”) in nature like demography for instance.

1.4 Hosting of games, contests, extravaganza, promotions and others Occasionally, the Site may hosts games, contests, extravaganza, promotions, and any other similar activities. In connection with such events, users are normally asked to allow that their PII as provided be shifted to a third party or just simply provide PII. At the point of transfer the party transferring will be revealed, and at the point of collection the party collecting is likewise revealed. Users will get to know also whose privacy policy will apply. At any rate, users have the option whether or not to allow the said transfer, and whether or not to allow the PII collection by any third party.


2.1 General rule The Site, subject to the provisions of this Policy, expressly reserves the right over the access or non-access to PII, use, share, transfer, store, display, disclose, process, sell, commingle, retain, verify, prove, investigate, and to deal upon all PII as well as the non-PII information either deliberately or when the law so requires. To the best interest of the Site and the users, subject to our discretion, the foregoing information may be shown, shared, or otherwise disclosed, for a purpose not proscribed by the Site, to third parties and/or in any database. This actuation by the Site is to effectively thwart or respond to an impending danger, perceived harm, potential loss or damage, or to answer legal processes like subpoenas, court orders, and search warrants. The Site expressly reserves the right in sending out to the users ordinary business letters, correspondence, and communication with regards to the admission and refusal or rejection of submission of contents and the general system as well. Be as it may, users have the option neither to entertain nor to receive any request or even the day’s message of the Site. In order to serve the interest of the users, there are mechanisms available in the Policy on how to disregard the receiving of any and all notifications via email.

2.2 The aspect on opting out This provision is incorporated for the privacy and convenience of the users by which they may refuse or otherwise unsubscribe from: like newsletters, promotional or any matter of the same nature by simply clicking the “unsubscribe” link option or by emailing back to the sender’s address regarding their earlier subscriptions thereto. Nevertheless, the Site still reserves the right to give out ordinary business letters, correspondence, and other communications with regards to the admission and refusal or rejection of submission of contents and the general system relative to the Site itself, for address verification, and other transactional data about the account of the users. In effect, users may not be able to exercise the act of opting out or refusal to receive such correspondence and communications so long as said users are registered with us. As mentioned, users are, however, given the chance to elect not to receive any friend’s request or even the day’s message of the Site by simply unsubscribing thereon. To do so, users may verify their own settings.

2.3 The use of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other information The Site may opt to use the PII of the users for several reasons such as to answer to any user’s request, to properly monitor the operation of the Site itself, to effectively maintain the accounts of the users, to enforce the rights of the Site and that of the third parties, to give out both advertising and non-advertising contents that may be of use to the users, and to monitor the ensuing compliance of this Policy and the Terms of Use. Any use of non-PII by the Site is designed to identify and determine the volume of traffic or visitor over the Site’s sections so that the Site could be more interesting and useful to users and visitors alike. Likewise, IP addresses are hereby used in order to appropriately administer the Site itself, scrutinize trends, collect information pertaining to demography, and to accurately keep track on the movements of the users in the Site.

2.4 The aspect on information retention As long as required and necessary, the Site can retain or will retain information believed useful and advantageous without any retention obligation concomitant to it. Such retained information may, or be based on the discretion of the Site and subject to the law applicable to information retention, which may be disposed at any time without earlier notice.


3.1 Sharing of information Based on mutual consent between the Site and third parties, non-PII may be shared by the two. In particular, non-PII about the users collected by the third parties may be shared with the Site.

3.2 The Site and its affiliates The Site can contract either affiliated or non-affiliated entities to extend services on behalf of the users. This may relate to marketing assistance, data analysis, customer service, and even the discard of information in the list of customers. It may be that third parties have access to the PII of the users but any information gathered is usable only on the authorized activities earlier mentioned. Expressly, the Site may reveal or share with its affiliates both PII and non-PII matters.

3.3 Transfer of business As times passes by, the Site and its assets may be sold to another party. The Site may go through merger, restructuring, consolidation or any transaction of similar nature. In this case, the aspects of customer information is one of the many assets being duly transferred, and therefore the PII of the users is included therein. In the event that the Site undergoes bankruptcy or immense losses, the PII of the users herein contained may be transferred at any time to the Site’s chosen trustee, debtor, or purchaser.

3.4 Release of information for compliance and safety purposes The Site is authorized to release relevant information and data, when necessary, in compliance to a legal query or to respond to a written complaint earlier filed, to prevent impending crimes or to deeply investigate potential felons, to enforce legal agreements earlier entered into including the Site’s Terms of Use, and to highly protect the rights and properties of the Site as well as the interests of the users.


4.1 The security measure of the Site The Site undertakes efficient and reasonable precautionary steps purposely to protect the interest of the users. In the conduct thereof and in order to maintain the data security and toll unauthorized access, the Site employs electronic, physical, and modern technological procedures. It is admitted, however, that no electronic system in the internet is ever error-free. This goes to saying that while we reasonably protect the PII of the users, absolute guarantee however is not guaranteed.

4.2 The obligation of the users Users are mandated to protect and secure their account password from any and all unwarranted access. To effectively do so, users must properly log off or sign off their account every after use. Also, users’ emails are not entirely secured from possible interception hence, it is strongly recommended not to include in the email message sensitive and confidential information. Rest assured, the Site will not in any way solicit for the email password of the users, and so, any request to that effect must be viewed as fraudulent and malicious. Users beware. Users must do everything legal and possible to protect and ensure the security of any and all PII.


This Policy applies only to the information that we gather. All users must note that the Site has links to other websites, and the Site is neither obliged nor responsible to the privacy practices whatsoever of the said web links. For superb experience, it is advantageous to read as well the privacy provisions of the sites collecting the PII of the users.


6.1 Non-material changes The Site expressly reserves the right to alter, modify, amend, or revise this Policy, and those changes considered non-materials shall be effective immediately. At any rate however, in the event there are non-materials changes made on this Policy, the new effective date shall be indicated.

6.2 Material changes In the event material changes are made on this Policy, it is assured that all users will be notified via email or a notice will be posted in the Site’s home page for wider information dissemination. Generally, material changes take effect at least 30-day after notice. To the interest of the users, reading this Policy every 30 days is strongly advised.


All information provided in this website are for information purposes only. In case of any health-related articles or products we strongly affirm that none of the information or products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No information provided in this website constitutes medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.


Should there be any concern about the Site, this Policy, or on the Terms of Use requiring immediate attention, please contact us [email protected] or email our legal department at [email protected] the soonest possible time.In the event we are not able to resolve any case submitted to us for one reason or the other, the recourse is to go to for an action. Please follow their instruction and links so provided regarding dispute resolution process. They would be grateful to act on any problem submitted to them.


Strict compliance The Site observes strict compliance to this Policy. To optimally serve the users, this Policy is being verified for accuracy purposes, reviewed to assure that all essential items are covered, and the same is completely implemented. Should there be any concern deemed to be helpful and advantageous to the Site, the bearer thereof is encouraged to share it with us. We ensure that any complaint and grievance about the undue revelation of PII is acted upon accordingly. is a subsidiary of Triple E Holdings Ltd., a Minnesota USA Corporation.  —Waysandhow Blog

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