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Overactive Bladder Home Remedies – Treatment for Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder home remedies, treatment for overactive bladder. Having an overactive bladder can be a great nuisance. Because your bladder can’t store your urine like it should when it’s functioning properly, you end up going to the bathroom very often. In worse cases, you may even suffer from incontinence.  The good news is that it’s treatable, sometimes even without medical intervention. There are no known overactive bladder causes other than aging. Here’re lists of overactive bladder home remedies recipes backed by scientific studies.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

In 2014, the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine published a study on the effects of pumpkin seed oil for a treatment for overactive bladder disorders. At the end of the 12-week study, participants who were given 10g of pumpkin seed oil daily were tested and showed a greater improvement in their Overactive Bladder Symptoms Scores (OABSS).

To incorporate pumpkin seed oil in your diet, you can buy bottles of food-grade oil to use in salads or other cooking recipes. These are also available as supplements in pill form.


Capsaicin is a chemical compound mainly found in the flesh of peppers. In 2008, Reviews in Urology published a study that observed the effects of capsaicin in people with neurogenic-mediated overactive bladders. They found that supplementation with capsaicin significantly increased bladder capacity to more than double in milliliters. Bladder pressure also decreased significantly.

There’s some benefit to increasing your intake of bell peppers and other sweet peppers. However, it’s unlikely for you to get enough capsaicin just through your diet. Instead, try getting capsaicin supplements in capsule form to make sure you get the full benefits of this compound.

Kohki Tea

One of the best overactive bladder home remedies is Kohki tea. The increasing popularity of Kohki tea (also known as Huang Qi Tea) among health buffs is because of its incredible antioxidant content. But apart from fighting free radicals, it has also shown great potential in bladder health.

In an animal study published by The Journal of Urology in 2002, researchers were able to prove that Kohki tea has significant effects on bladder function and therefore a good treatment for overactive bladder and highly beneficial to those with this condition.

To make this tea, you’ll need to find dried leaves and steep in hot water, just as you would with any loose-leaf tea. Kohki tea and extracts are also available in most health food stores as supplements for bladder control. For those with overactive bladder symptoms, this can be a lifesaver.


Gosha-Jinki-gan is a popular blend of Chinese herbs mainly used to treat overactive bladders, frequent urination, and voiding dysfunction. Researchers from Japan’s Nakatsu Daiichi Hospital proved its efficacy back in 2008. In their study, they observed the effect of a 7.5g/day dose of Gosha-Jinki-gan to women with overactive bladders. Those who were treated with Gosha-Jinki-gan reported improved overactive bladder symptoms as well as the overall quality of life.

While Gosha-Jinki-gan sounds so foreign, it’s common in herbal supplements marketed for renal or bladder support. If you don’t have access to a Chinese drugstore or apothecary, your neighborhood health store should have it.

Whether you know overactive bladder causes or not, one thing is certain, there are overactive bladder home remedies that work. These are some of the most compelling, research-backed ways for treatment for overactive bladder. While some may seem obscure, they’re commonly found in typical health food stores. Whether you decide to include them in your diet or take them as capsuled supplements, you should have a good chance of improving your bladder condition.

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