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The need for security is never-ending. Be it your house, your office, school, or college; security has become an inherent need for anyone and everyone. Therefore, anywhere you go today, you will find security systems in place that monitors your every activity, day, and night.

However, having a security camera system is not enough if the vision captured during the night is blurry. That is one reason you need a night vision security camera system that takes all the worries away.

What are Effective Security Systems?

All these signs are a part of any effective security system. But the most critical part of a capable security system is the camera in the design, thus the importance of a night vision security camera system that works in all weathers.

There is no point in installing a monitoring system if your system is continually breaking down due to a power outage that renders the system useless. For a security system to fulfill its purpose, it is necessary to work in sunlight, rain, day constantly, and night 24/7, no matter what.

To make sure this happens for you, here is a list of sound night vision security camera systems that work under sunlight, in showers, or thunderstorms, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without fail: Here are The Ezviz Full HD, ZOSI Security System, and Zmodo Surveillance System.

EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance System

EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance System, 4 Weatherproof HD Security Cameras, 4 Channel 1TB DVR
Storage, 100ft Night Vision

Ezviz offers a security system with 4 cameras that are weatherproof. This weatherproofing is done not only to keep away rain and the extreme heat, but also to capture amazing images in any weather.  Also, the 1TB DVR of the Ezviz makes sure that you never run out of space and have all the data you need for your monitoring and observation. The Ezviz security system also has a night vision capability that increase visibility during night. Here is an in depth analysis of the pros and cons of the system:


The Ezviz is a neat set of security cameras that give you several incredible features in a compact set of cameras. EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Outdoor Surveillance System, 4 Weatherproof HD Security Cameras, 4 Channel 1TB DVR is one of the most reliable security systems for you. The system includes a set of 4 compact cameras made from high-temperature endurance material that can withstand temperatures from 40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the waterproofing guarantees that your cameras do not get filled with water when it rains.

The massive Storage, 100ft Night Vision, Customizable Motion Detection add up to make an unbeatable combination. Besides, the app lets you synchronize all the views, which adds everything up together and allows you real-time coverage. Ezviz also offers HD 1080p graphics which detects the smallest of movements in the best pictures. It then sends notifications to your smartphone through the internet.


However, this could get annoying as it would send notifications for even routine movements. For this, you can customize the motion detection to adjust for everyday movements. However, this customization might seem somewhat daunting to people not very well-versed in modern security systems.

The biggest drawback you will find with the Ezviz 4 camera system is that the system needs an above-average strength of the internet connection. Suppose the internet system is even slightly weak. You will find that the video playback lags and the video quality fall drastically, making it almost impossible for you to make out anything. As a result, any complaints referred to the customer service will result in your complaints being blamed on the internet connection.

ZOSI Security Cameras
ZOSI Security Cameras System

ZOSI Security Cameras System 8CH 1080P HD-TVI CCTV DVR Recorder 2TB HDD with 8 Weatherproof 1920TVL 2.0MP
1080P 100ft Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

The ZOSI is an elaborate security system meant to cover a large area. The system consists of 8 weatherproof cameras. These 8 cameras offer great video quality so that you can see clearly what is happening and the ZOSI system also allows great mounting options. Be it walls or ceilings, the ZOSI will work. Here are some more features of the ZOSI security system:


The ZOSI Security Cameras System 8CH 1080P HD-TVI CCTV DVR Recorder 2TB HDD with 8 Weatherproof 1920TVL 2.0MP comes with a three-axis mounting bracket that makes it workable with different mounting surfaces, be it wall or ceiling. Moreover, the 1080P resolution gives you an as clear picture as possible with excellent night vision up to 100 feet.

The security system also allows you customizable trigger zones with movement notifications on your smartphone. The excellent camera app also gives you great synchronization in different views around the house on all eight cameras, an indispensable tool for the user. Also, you do not need to be at your home to use the system; all you need is an internet connection to see what is happening around your home or office building.


However, the critique of this 1080P 100ft Night Vision Surveillance Cameras White (Aluminum Metal Housing) often revolves around the poor app development. The complaints revolve around the poor live streaming quality where the recorded video streaming works just fine. Moreover, the system does not come with audio equipment. If you want audio with your recording, you will have to purchase an external microphone and attach it with the input port.

Furthermore, although the system itself is weatherproof, extreme weather, powerful winds can distort the camera’s sensitivity and increase false alarms. Also, the system is a wired one which seems to be a somewhat backward system in a world of wireless systems.

Zmodo 1080p Full HD 8 Outdoor
Zmodo 1080p Full HD 8 Outdoor Video Surveillance Security Camera

Zmodo 1080p Full HD 8 Outdoor Video Surveillance Security Camera System 8 Channel HDMI NVR

The Zmodo consists of 8 outdoor cameras that can be used to monitor your surroundings. The Zmodo allows great quality view and has a 1TB hard drive. This makes maximum storage available and on top of that the compression feature enhances the system’s storage further. You can get a better idea of the system with the following list of pros and cons:


With the Zmodo 1080p Full HD 8 Outdoor Video Surveillance Security Camera, you can monitor every corner of your house or office building with the eight different cameras in the system. The high-quality view of the Zmodo Surveillance makes it an absolute delight to go over the footage from the cameras. In addition, you can control your systems with the remote control anywhere with an internet connection through the Zmodo App. Not just that, the Zmodo app also allows you constant live chat support for any issues that you might find with your security system or when you need guidance with the installation procedures.

Another great feature with the Zmodo is the System 8 Channel HDMI NVR, PoE Repeater, and 1TB Hard Drive is its storage optimization. The tremendous live view is compressed when stored, which preserves the footage at decent quality but lowers the storage space that it takes up.


The cons of this surveillance system are that the software is not as reliable as most customers would prefer. The software cannot keep the system running with even a slight malfunction. A minor issue with the wire will render the system useless, and this can also happen in case of a break-in when the cables are tampered with even slightly. Also, this means that even if the system is weatherproof, it can break down with slight roughness of weather.

The system also requires an excellent internet connection, and even a minor issue with the speed of the internet will affect the video quality, and the lag will appear. Although the system does have an infrared system, it is not as good as it should be in a modern surveillance system.

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Summary about the night vision security camera systems

With an effective security system an absolute necessity in today’s world, you cannot compromise on quality, vision, and accuracy. The excellent security systems from Ezviz, Zosi, and Zmodo have most of the qualities you need in today’s high-tech night vision security camera systems.  

So, whether you want the four-camera system of waterproof and night vision enabled camera systems from Ezviz, the eight cameras three-axis system of Zosi, or Zmodo’s live chat supporting eight-camera system, you can get them quickly for your home or office. Just make sure that you have an excellent smooth internet connection so that there are no unnecessary interruptions.

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