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Thursday 18 Jul 2019 / 3:15 PM

Low-Intensity Workout for Fat Loss

low intensity workout for fat loss

Low-intensity workout for fat loss. If you think that the only effective way to lose weight is by performing high-intensity, high-impact workouts, you might want to think again! In this video, we will share some of the most effective low intensity cardio that are suited for beginners and those who are injured. Below are some effective low intensity workouts for fat loss which requires no special equipment and can be performed at the comfort of your home.

Jog in Place Jacks

You can start by walking in place lightly while making a slow jumping jack motion with your arms. As you progress, you can march, jog, and do jumping jacks while increasing the movement speed of your arms.

Static Squat – Punch

You may begin by doing a shallow squat then a punching motion without putting in any extra weight. Hold the squatting position for just a few seconds and then come up to making your punching movements. To make this more challenging, stay squatted lower and for a longer period. You may also hold dumbbells while making the punching movements.

Static Lunge – Curls

Do this exercise by making a shallow lunge, keeping your feet relatively close together while using light dumbbells for your bicep curls. If you want to make this exercise harder, lunge deeper, keeping your feet further, and then increasing the weight of the dumbbells that you use, and this could even make static lunge more effective low intensity workout for fat loss.

Windmill Steps

In its simplest form, this exercise involves making a simple side step, allowing your trailing leg to move behind you with a tap, and making a large circular arm swing. If you want to make this exercise more difficult, you may drop your hips to the ground and make a squatting position. Moreover, it is recommended to increase the width of your step and speed of your movement until you change the movement into a lateral jump.

Fingertip to Toe Jacks

Another effective low-intensity workout for fat loss is fingertip to toe jack. Begin by performing a slow leg lift, reaching to your toes and then increasing the height and speed of your leg lift until you are somehow hopping from one leg to another with only a single foot on the ground each time and certain moments when both feet are off the floor.

Stutter Step

To do this exercise, start by putting your entire weight in one leg while keeping it straight or making a slight bend. Keep your other leg positioned a couple of inches behind you, and then drive the knee up in front of you slowly while bringing your hands down. To make it more difficult, squat deeper, extend your leg further behind you, and boost the speed of the movement.

These low intensity workout for fat loss can serve as a good starting point for those who are untrained and have just started in their weight loss journey. The good thing about these is that they can raise your heart rate without causing too much stress on your joints.

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