Losing Belly Fat Workout – 5 Minutes Workout at Home

Losing belly fat workout – 5 minutes workout at home. Belly fat is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. Fat around the belly is typically a sign of bad health, even in people who are not overweight.

The problem is that very few of us have the time to spend hours at the gym or engage in any burn belly fat workout at home to get rid of it. But what if you could do just 5 minutes workout at home to lose your belly fat? Would you do it?

In 2017, the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness published a study that proved that short but high-intensity exercises can help people lose weight and decrease their waist size. In that study led by researchers at the Lebanese American University, participants were made to do a 7-minute high-intensity workout every day for six weeks.

After 7 weeks without any changes to their diet, the participants dropped an average of 2.1% in body fat, 4 lbs. in fat mass, and nearly 1 inch in waist circumference. That is an incredible result for just 7 minutes of burn belly fat workout without having to diet!

However, you can achieve the same results in 5 minutes; instead of 7 minutes. Why spend seven minutes if the goal can be completed in less time, say about 5 minutes?  Indeed, everyone has 5 minutes to spare on any given day, so there is no excuse to keep your belly fat! Start your regimen of losing belly fat workout today.

Losing belly fat workout outline

In this article, we will adapt the study’s proven-effective 7-minute workout into a more intense but shorter version that will help you lose your belly fat fast. The best thing about these 5 minutes workouts at home is that they can be done at home without the need for fancy equipment.  

Here is the list of 5-minute burn belly fat workout to lose belly fat at home routines. This article is not about how to do these exercises, but the intervals you should do them, assuming that you already know how most of them are done.  

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The 5-Minute: Burn Belly Fat Workout

Do the following exercises in succession for 25 seconds each:

Do not worry about the number of repetitions. Just do as many as you can within the given 25 seconds. At first, you will need breaks in between each exercise. A maximum of 10 seconds should be enough. As you progress, shorten the intervals to 5 seconds each until you can do without them.

According to the study, participants’ progress peaked around three weeks but plateaued towards 6 weeks. To combat this plateau, try to increase your intensity as the exercises become much easier to do.

You can go faster and complete more repetitions within the time frame, and, eventually, you can even add weights. Remember that what is important is the intensity. The workout needs to be difficult enough to spike your heart rate, so keep trying to make things more difficult as your body improves.

Final thoughts on losing belly fat work, the 5 minutes workout at home

Given that this burn belly fat workout regimen is based on scientific research, you can depend on this 5-minute workout to lose belly fat at home for fast results. But, just as with any other intense workout activity, you need to get clearance from your doctor.

The idea here is to make sure this type of workout is safe for you, primarily due to the intense nature of the burn belly fat workout. Also, make sure that you are eating healthy when you engage in this type of workout regimen. These losing belly fat workouts will go a long way for you, but you will get much faster results when combined with a healthy diet.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are losing belly fat workout, the 5 minutes workout at home for anybody looking to burn belly fat at home.

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