Watermelon Diet – Watermelon for Weight Loss

watermelon and red grape
  • Publish Date: 06-02-2018 / 3:32 AM
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Watermelon diet – watermelon for weight loss: Do you know that you can lose weight with watermelon? Especially when you combined the watermelon diet with the red grape diet. Well, if you have not heard of the watermelon and red grape diet, you heard it now—it exists, and it works.

If you aim to drop several inches around your waist, this could be the lifestyle and diet changes you need. By eating more vegetables, fruits, and other healthy, low-calorie foods, you could quickly lose a lot of weight by drinking watermelon and a red grape smoothie.

Indeed, it is possible to achieve your weight loss goal of losing weight with watermelon and red grapes when you maintain a particular lifestyle. Watermelon for weight loss sounds reasonable, but watermelon smoothie and red grape may sound like French to some people.

Ideally, watermelon goes well with lots of fruits, like pineapple, bananas, strawberries, cherries, mangoes, and more, but not usually red grapes. But the reason red grape is good for dieting is that it is low in calories and fat-free. Red grape also has natural sources of resveratrol and antioxidant that have some weight loss benefits. More importantly, red grapes contain satiating fibers that can make you feel less hungry.

If you are looking to lose weight with watermelon and red grape, the best thing is to add other healthy foods. Among the types of foods that you should add to your watermelon diet other than red grape are fruits that are red or purple. This is because these foods contain high levels of flavonoids called anthocyanins. Such foods can help you burn fats quicker.

In this article, we will focus mostly on two kinds of red fruits that are not only effective for weight loss but are also unbelievably delicious. Not to mention that they are also pleasurable to eat—and those two are watermelon and red grapes.

1. Watermelon for Weight Loss – a watermelon diet

According to a University of Kentucky study, watermelon can regulate body fat accumulation and improve lipid profiles. But more importantly, 91% of watermelon is water; therefore, eating a large quantity is okay because it can feel you up and provide fewer calories.

Eating watermelon for weight loss is like killing two birds with one stone; you lose weight with watermelon by eating delicious food. Who does not want to enjoy delicious meals as much as possible and still lose a lot of weight in the process? Yes, that is what you get with weight loss with watermelon.

When it comes to how you lose weight with watermelon, all fruits are not the same. Compared to many other fruits, watermelon has a significantly fewer calories content—and the is why it works very well with red grape, another low-calorie fruit.

For instance, one cup of banana slices gives you 134 calories, while a cup of diced watermelon only provides you with 46 calories, one cup of red grape is about 104 calories.

Below are two quick ideas on how you can consume watermelon as part of your weight loss plan:

Make a watermelon salad by slicing the watermelon into small cubes, splashing a teaspoon of lime juice, and adding a pinch of black salt and pepper. Chill for at least an hour before eating.

Or, you can prepare a refreshing watermelon smoothie or drink by combining watermelon; a half teaspoon of brown sugar, mint leaves (the amount that you should add depends on your preference), a pinch of black salt, and a splash of cold water in a blender, puree, and drink as watermelon smoothie or, strain and enjoy.

2. Red Grapes for Shedding Extra Weight

According to experts, eating red grapes and berries can help you lose extra pounds and prevent the ‘middle-age spread. The term means or refers to the accumulation of body fat around the belly and hips. Fighting the middle-age spread is quite different from what you get from doing straight watermelon for a weight loss regimen—but combining the two gives you the added advantages from both fruits.

It is believed that eating just half a cup of grapes per day is enough for you to experience a measurable and positive effect. According to BMJ researchers, fruits high in flavonoids, especially those containing anthocyanins, help you lose weight. Anthocyanins are found in such fruits as grapes and strawberries. The study, which spans 24 years, shows lower weight gain from participants.

Because 80% of this fruit is water, it can help rehydrate your body and curb your feeling of hunger and improve your metabolism rate. Red grapes contain dietary fiber that can increase your sense of satiety, leading you to eat less. Eating red grapes every day will help you achieve your weight loss goals, especially when combined with a watermelon diet.

To avoid consuming too much sugar, limit your daily intake to one cup of grapes. Most fruits contain a certain amount of sugar, so you cannot overeat any of those fruits no matter how excellent or delicious that particular fruit might be.

Final thoughts on watermelon for weight loss:

To lose weight with watermelon and red grapes should also involve physical activities and healthy foods. When done correctly, weight loss with watermelon and red grapes is easy and effective.

Even though science backs the red grape watermelon diet, it is essential to remember that it is not enough that you consume these fruits regularly and then expect drastic changes in your weight. It is not enough to lose weight with a watermelon smoothie or red grape drinks alone. It would be best to balance your weight loss quest with the right foods and moderate exercises, as stated above.

Your exercise regimen does not have to be strenuous; 30 minutes of the daily walk can make a whole lot of difference. With consistency, watermelon for weight loss can work wonders for you. Indeed, a watermelon diet with red grape can be as effective as most diet plans if you are consistent with your weight loss plan and the associated exercises and healthy foods regimen.

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