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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise and Diet – Lose Weight Sleeping

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I never met anybody who does not want to have a good night sleep. But what if you can find something that would make you sleep like a baby and also help you lose weight sleeping? Losing weight is always perceived as something that is challenging and difficult to accomplish. For most people falling asleep and staying asleep can equally be difficult. So, how would you like to learn about a few simple hacks that would make both dreams come through for you? Here are four easy step by step tricks on how to lose weight fast without exercise and diet while asleep.

  • 1. Sleep in a room that has a low temperature.Do you know that sweating helps you burn fat when you exercise, but cool room temperature and not sweating when you sleep helps you burn fat? According to a study published in Diabetes, turning down the room temperature to around 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit can help you achieve optimal sleep. The reason behind this is that lower temperatures can boost the effectiveness and stimulate the brown fat in your body which burns calories. Another research conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that sleeping in a cool room has significant calorie-and fat burning health benefits; this easily supports how to lose weight sleeping theory.
  • 2. Sleep in a room that is dark.When you turn off the lights completely in the bedroom, your body will produce more melatonin which induces sleep and helps in the production of brown fat that contributes to burning calories. So, turn off your television, keep your phone or tablet away, use blackout curtains, and get a good night’s sleep. According to the research Zero Belly Diet, the more gadgets that you bring into your bedroom, the fatter you will tend to get. It is a known fact that anything that disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm will affect your quality of sleep, and that will make you gain weight. Simply put, excess light in the bedroom will cause the brain to wake up often, and that will suppress the production of melatonin.
  • 3. Take a hot shower before going to sleep.You can speed up your metabolism or the rate at which the body can burn calories by taking a hot shower before sleep. Also, a hot shower will soothe your senses and help you sleep well. Simply put, you sure can lose weight fast without exercise and diet by sleeping.
  • 4. Breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.Mouth breading will keep you awake at night, and the less you sleep, the more you gain weight. A simple way to make your body more relaxed and keep your nerves calm is by breathing through your nose instead of your mouth. The reason behind this is that you will have a higher oxygen intake when you take deep breaths through your nose. Furthermore, doing this can also prevent you from snoring.

Some of you might think that it seems unrealistic that you can lose weight fast without exercise and diet while you’re sleeping but remember that science backs most of these tips here. It is also important to note that as effective as these tips might be for some, it may not work for everybody. However, the theory that you can lose weight sleeping is no longer far-fetched.

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