Black Coffee And Cinnamon Weight Loss

Black coffee and cinnamon weight loss: Many people love coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon for its unique taste and aroma. However, not everyone knows that you can lose weight with black coffee and cinnamon.

Black coffee and cinnamon weight loss is not a term many people hear often, but if you have been on the quest to lose few extra pounds, I bet you probably have heard the name once or twice.

Coffee and cinnamon have weight loss benefits and can help you burn belly fat effectively. There are many good reasons for this, but one is that you can replace sugar or cream that you add to your black coffee with cinnamon and still get a nice flavor—because cinnamon has a pleasant taste to it.

So, if you want black coffee weight loss or cinnamon weight loss and you enjoy both beverages, here is another reason why you should indulge a little—both drinks together can pack a punch. Weight loss punch, to be precise.

 This article will detail all the intricate reasons why black coffee and cinnamon weight loss works and how it can help you lose weight. But more importantly, we will share with you the scientific basis behind this and the recipes.

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1. Coffee as a Fat Burner and Metabolism Booster.

Black coffee contains several substances that can help you lose weight. One of these is caffeine, which has been scientifically proven to help burn fat because it can stimulate the nervous system—the stimulants send signals to fat cells that push them to break down.

Moreover, caffeine can increase the epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) levels in the blood. Epinephrine is a hormone that can target the fat tissues, break down the fats, and then release them into the bloodstream as useable fatty acids. Yes, black coffee weight loss works by targeting the hormone that causes weight loss. Epinephrine is an appetite reducer.

Another benefit of caffeine is its natural metabolism-stimulating effect— the higher the rate of your metabolism, the easier it is for your body to burn the calories you consume, according to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Caffeinated coffee can boost the metabolic rate of subjects with average weight and those who are obese.

Interestingly, the researchers even found that normal-weight participants experienced an even more significant weight loss. Indeed, this is anecdotal evidence that caffeine is a weight loss aid—thus, your reason for black coffee weight loss regimen.

Related to caffeine are Theobromine and Theophylline. These two substances are found in coffee, and they can also have stimulating effects that can aid in weight loss. Finally, there’s Chlorogenic Acid, an active compound in coffee that can slow down the body’s absorption of carbohydrates.

2. Cinnamon Helps Reduce Belly Fat

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology talked about cinnamon weight loss. The studies found that cinnamon can aid in reducing belly fat. The reason was that the active compound called cinnamaldehyde could boost the metabolism of the visceral fatty tissue.

High levels of blood sugar can result in increased storage of body fat. Good thing, cinnamon can also help regulate blood sugar levels. This is done by imitating the activity of insulin and improving the metabolism of glucose. More importantly, it can prevent the transformation of metabolized sugar into body fat—one good reason cinnamon weight loss works.

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3. How to Lose Weight with Coffee and Cinnamon

Why is black coffee and cinnamon weight loss a big deal? Because most people love to drink coffee, but few can sip their coffee black, so they use cream. The cream makes the coffee taste good, but it has lots of calories—and the best alternative is something that tastes good with less sugar and calories, and that is cinnamon.

If you want to give your metabolism a boost and reduce the calories by around 70 calories, replace the cream and sugar with cinnamon. This way, you still get the flavor you want and less the sugar and calories you do not need or want. And that is another reason why black coffee and cinnamon weight loss work.

Alternatively, you can also combine one teaspoon of cinnamon, three-fourths cup of coconut oil, and a half-cup of raw honey. Mix thoroughly until you achieve a smooth texture. Consume this by adding 1 to 2 teaspoons of the mixture into your hot coffee. Stir, drink, and enjoy!

Final thoughts on black coffee and cinnamon weight loss :

Who would have thought that these two all-natural ingredients have more to offer you than a boost of energy in the morning. But luckily, they can help you shed some extra pounds. The best thing about black coffee and cinnamon weight loss is that consuming coffee and cinnamon is 100% safe.

Unlike the commercial slimming products that you can find on the market, coffee and cinnamon have little or no side effects. Plus, they taste good, making these two indeed one of the best ways to lose weight. Now you can do black coffee and cinnamon weight loss and feel good doing it.

Although there are scientific explanations behind black coffee and cinnamon weight-loss effectiveness, it is also essential to keep in mind that results may still vary from one person to another. The reasons are attributable to some factors, one of which is an individual’s rate of metabolism.

Others are health conditions, type of lifestyle, level of physical activities, and much more. Hence, it is crucial to properly manage your expectations.

We hope that these step by step tips on how to lose weight with coffee and cinnamon will help you shed a few pounds soon. Good luck! And those are your tips on black coffee and cinnamon weight loss.

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