Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off: Losing weight is something most people struggle with for good reasons. However, do you know that there are a few things that you can do today that will instantly impact your life and help you achieve your goal of losing weight? Accurate, and most people would say, lifestyle fitness and healthy diet regimen.

This article has five specific and scientifically based lifestyle changes you can make today to see a significant result in your weight loss quest. Read the entire article carefully to learn more.

The sure-fire formula is lifestyle fitness and a healthy diet regimen. There is much to say for a weight loss regimen that involves consuming fewer calories than you burn and getting regular exercise. However, there are trivial things you can do that will impact your weight loss efforts significantly.

Of course, lifestyle improvements of eating healthful meals will always be a good idea, but here are 5 simple lifestyle changes that will make you lose weight faster: Below are the five lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off.

1) Have a high-protein breakfast – One of The Best Lifestyle changes You Can Make

According to a study published by the Nutrition Journal in 2015, having a high-protein breakfast gives you better control of your appetite throughout the day. You will have better blood sugar levels and will likely eat less for subsequent meals. So, make sure you never skip breakfast. Instead, plan your first meal of the day to give you 30 to 39 grams of protein.

Participants in the study were given eggs and commercially prepared sausages, which are very convenient options—and still, the results were very encouraging.

2) Avoid All Liquid Calories

In 2006, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a systematic review of studies surrounding sugar-sweetened beverages and their connection to obesity and weight gain. They found evidence linking sugary drinks to weight gain. And because that can lead to poor health, it is enough to warrant public health strategies to discourage their consumption.

According to a study published by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2009, liquid calories do not satiate you as a solid meal does. Additionally, the study suggested that it is not only sugary drinks but all other calorie-laden beverages that should be avoided. It is advisable to make good lifestyle changes to avoid sugary drinks as much as possible.

3) Drink Water Before Meals – Works Real Well with Good Lifestyle Fitness

It is always a good idea to drink water before a meal. In a study led by researchers from Virginia Tech’s Department of Human Nutrition, participants subjected to a low-calorie diet either proactively drank water before their meals or did not. After 12 weeks, researchers found that those who drank 500ml of water before eating lost significantly more weight than those who did not.

 Drinking water before a meal makes the digestion process much more manageable. That is likely because water consumption decreases your appetite, so you tend to consume fewer calories. Even more importantly, water aids in breaking down foods and makes it easy for your body to absorb nutrients quickly and adequately. Drinking water before a meal is one of the lifestyle improvements you can make today.

4) Eat Mindfully

One of the best lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off is watching what you eat and how you eat. Nowadays, we eat our meals while watching TV, fiddling with our phones, or having animated conversations with our companions. So, if you are trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to focus on eating during your meals and avoid being distracted by other activities.

Why is that important? Because it can make you eat more or lead you to make poor food choices. But according to a study published by Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2010, mindful eating can help you improve your eating behaviors, make better food choices, and reduce your weight significantly—good lifestyle changes to consider.

5) Brush Your Teeth After Meals

One would quickly think that it takes regimented lifestyle fitness and healthy meals to lose weight. But who would have thought that brushing your teeth would have anything to do with losing weight? Well, in a wide-reaching survey published by the Journal of Obesity in 2014, researchers found that many people can limit their subsequent food consumption by brushing their teeth after meals.

When they do, they are less likely to snack between meals. So, brush your teeth or at least gargle with mouthwash after every meal. Doing so is a simple life hack that could lead to significant weight loss. Even some believe that brushing your teeth three times a day for two full minutes can burn more than 5,000 calories in one year—I guess you can chalk that up as a lifestyle fitness.

Final Thoughts on Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

As far as lifestyle fitness goes, there is no specific fitness or workout list in this article; however, it is common knowledge that fitness should be a part of any successful weight loss program or regimen. In any case, these five simple and good lifestyle changes or lifestyle improvements are critical and will aid you in shading your weight gradually.

They are all backed by studies and science—so take advantage of them all. Add these small practices into your daily life, and you should be able to observe a significant difference in less than a week. But, if you incorporate them permanently into your life, eat well, and regularly engage in exercise, you should be able to enjoy a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

And those are the five critical lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off. Try them; doing and following them could and will change your life for good. Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you.

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