Insects That Sting – 5 Insect Killers

insects that sting
  • Publish Date: 28-06-2021 / 1:44 AM
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Do you know that there are certain insects that sting and can kill you? Yes, these are insect killers, and when bitten by any of those insects, you could die.

 No, we are not talking about bees and wasps here; we are talking about insects with stingers that are dangerous and poisonous.  And the most challenging aspects of these insects are that most people do not even know they are toxic.

This article will share with you 5 insects that sting and have poisonous stingers, insect killers you should watch out for, but more importantly, what they look like.

Most people are familiar with dangerous arachnids such as the Black Widow or the Brown Recluse. However, only a few know about equally horrifying insects around the world, including the United States. Most know how dangerous bee and wasp stings can be, but plenty of other insects pose a more significant threat to human beings.

Here are 5 insect killers that are deadly and dangerous

1) Fire Ants

The term “fire ants” doesn’t refer to a single species but several in the Solenopsis genus. While most ants bite, fire ants sting and inject venom into their prey. Generally, they feed on plants, seeds, and other insects. But they are known to gang up on small animals, attack them in droves, and eventually kill them.

 A human attacked by a fire ant will experience a dreadful sting, similar to being burned. In severe cases, they could experience life-threatening anaphylaxis. Fire ants are among insects that sting and could kill you.

2) Kissing Bug – insects with stingers

Talking about insects with stingers, well, count kissing bugs in. The Kissing Bug also goes by another, more sinister name: Assassin Bug. Officially, they are referred to as “triatomine bugs” because of their scientific name Triatominae. But, no matter how you choose to refer to them, they are insects that feed on blood.

Although some bites could be harmless, these bugs are known carriers of Chagas disease. This disease could take a long time to cause any actual harm. It could take up to 30 years, making it hard to associate any illness with the bite. But those who experience this could eventually suffer from esophageal enlargement, colon enlargement, or even heart failure. So, kissing bugs are an excellent example of insect killers.

3) Oriental Rat Fleas

Oriental rat fleas are not necessarily a group of insects that sting, but their bite could kill you. While they are called Oriental Rat Fleas, they are pretty common worldwide, including in the United States. They are especially prevalent in areas with large rat populations.

A bite of this tiny parasite does not mainly cause much physical pain. But, they are known to carry a host of life-threatening diseases. In fact, these species are responsible for the plague that has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world.

4) Puss Caterpillar

Another insect killers that are not necessarily insects with stingers are Puss Caterpillars. The Southern Flannel Moth is not particularly menacing. In its larval form, however, it is particularly deadly. Before turning into the adult Southern Flannel Moth, this insect takes on the form of a Puss Caterpillar.

This furry larva is about an inch long and may look cute, resembling a tiny plush toy. But, a single touch could cause devastating pain – akin to breaking a bone. Although the reactions are typically localized, the excruciation could lead to even more severe, life-threatening conditions.

5) Wheel Bug – insect killers

Wheel bugs are common in North America and can grow as long as 1.5 inches. They are easy to distinguish because of the wheel-like shape found at the top of their exoskeleton. These insects are not known to attack humans but have been known to do so when they feel threatened.

What can happen is that their bites can cause more severe pain for longer periods than the stings of wasps. In some cases, the pain could last up to 6 months. The Wheel Bug bite is life-threatening to allergic people. Infections of the wound could also be fatal. Wheel bugs are real insect killers.

Final thoughts on insects that sting

These 5 insect killers are dangerous and could kill at any time. The combinations of insects with stingers and others that could bite you and kill you—these are insects that you are probably not aware of before, but now you know.

Please do your best to avoid them, though they do not typically attack humans. But when they do, it could cause devastating pain or even death. They are insect killers, insects that sting—watch out for them. Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are your list of some of the insects with stingers, dangerous insects that sting.

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