How to whiten Your Teeth Naturally at Home

This is about how to whiten your teeth naturally at home: Several factors can lead to teeth stains. But no matter the cause, having yellow teeth makes you look like you have poor oral hygiene. The problem is that teeth whitening can be costly if you rely on teeth whitening from the dentist or teeth whitening with laser treatments and other popular but costly options.

Teeth whitening with laser, teeth whitening from the dentist, and other in-clinic procedures cost more than an average person can afford. Similarly, the cost of over-the-counter treatments can quickly add up. Thankfully, there are things you can do at home to whiten your teeth naturally.

We are talking about how to whiten teeth using home remedies. And we are not even talking about whole teeth whitening with baking soda, which many people think about when you say home remedies for teeth whitening. So, below are 10 options on how to whiten your teeth naturally at home using natural home remedies and methods.

1) Improve your oral hygiene

Other than smoking, poor brushing habits is the most common cause of yellowing teeth. All it usually takes is to practice proper oral hygiene to whiten them. Brush your teeth with high-quality toothpaste twice a day to keep tartar from forming and making your teeth look dirty.

2) Try oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient remedy that promises many benefits for overall health. However, it has recently been used as a prevalent tooth whitening home remedy. To do this, take a tablespoon of oil – the original practice required sesame oil, but most people nowadays use coconut oil because of its health benefits and pleasant taste.

One would think that using oil on your teeth will stain them, but this does the opposite. Swish the oil around your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes and spit it out before brushing your teeth. You should get noticeable results within a week of doing this regularly.

3) Make your teeth whitening paste – teeth whitening with baking soda

In 1998, researchers from Indiana University conducted a study on the teeth whitening effects of baking soda combined with 1% hydrogen peroxide. They found that the combination has an unquestionable impact on discoloration but had yet to develop a proper tooth whitening procedure.

The easiest way is to make a thick paste using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and then rub that paste on your teeth using your toothbrush. Do that for 2 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly with water. This at-home method reveals the real power of teeth whitening with baking soda

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4) Make strawberry toothpaste

In 2015, Operative Dentistry published a study wherein researchers compared the efficacy of commercial teeth whitening products to a DIY paste made of mashed strawberries and baking soda. Although the commercial products performed better, teeth subjected to the strawberry-baking soda paste still became noticeably whiter.

This demonstrated that teeth whitening from the dentist or teeth whitening with laser treatments do not always produce the whitest teeth. Indeed, some home remedies do a much better job whitening teeth.

5) Apply turmeric

Turmeric stains very quickly, so it seems counterproductive to use it to whiten teeth. However, a study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology shows that a turmeric mouthwash effectively prevents plaque, which is one of the most common reasons why teeth become yellow in the first place.

This is one tip on how to whiten teeth using home remedies that some people might question. But it does work. So, by adding turmeric to water and using the solution as a mouthwash, you can get rid of yellow stains and prevent them from occurring.

6) Rub your teeth with hardwood ash – and say goodbye to teeth whitening with laser

Hardwood ash can whiten teeth because it contains potassium hydroxide, commonly known as lye. While this could be amazingly effective in removing teeth stains, it is not the safest option if you do not have proper guidance because, if ingested, lye can be toxic to humans.

Additionally, it could cause your teeth to weaken over time. If done correctly, however, it can quickly remove unwanted teeth stains. Though this method can whiten your teeth quicker, I would concentrate on other home remedies like teeth whitening with baking soda. The side effects can outweigh the benefits for those who are careless and cannot follow the instructions very well.

7) Brush with activated charcoal – and forget about teeth whitening from the dentist

Although activated charcoal is commonly used for detoxification, many also use it for teeth whitening purposes. No scientific studies have been conducted to explain its efficacy. Still, those who swear by it believe that the activated charcoal gets rid of plaque and other bacteria that cause teeth to become yellow.

Additionally, brushing your teeth with activated charcoal has a scrubbing or exfoliating effect that helps remove stains. This is another how to whiten teeth with home remedies that many people swear by.

8) Rinse with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, which has potent antimicrobial properties. When diluted in water and used as a mouthwash, it combats oral bacteria and minimizes yellowing. To use this method, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water. Swish it around your mouth after you brush your teeth. Just be careful not to overdo this because it can cause your teeth to become brittle.

9) Rub your teeth with citrus peels

Rub your teeth with citrus peels and say goodbye to teeth whitening from the dentist or teeth whitening with laser treatment. In 2017, researchers from Indonesia’s Dian Nuswantoro University studied the effects of citrus fruits on teeth whitening. They found that the citric acid concentrated in citrus peels’ interior effectively reverses teeth discoloration.

Additionally, according to their study, the peels of oranges have the most potent teeth whitening properties compared to other citrus fruits—Including lemon and pomelo.

10) Chew on certain fruits and vegetables

This last tip on how to whiten your teeth naturally at home will surprise you a bit. Biting on and chewing crunchy fruits and vegetables will help scrub the teeth clean and minimize staining. This is especially true for apples. According to a study published by PLoS One in 2018, chewing on apples does not just help scrub your teeth but also increases saliva production, which further minimizes bacteria and reverses teeth yellowing.

Teeth whitening with baking soda and other home remedies most people came to know well works, but they are so many ways—as this article has demonstrated.

Concluding thoughts on how to whiten your teeth naturally at home

Whitening your teeth naturally at home will surely take longer than any in-clinic or chemical procedure. However, it is much safer and more inexpensive. Now you know that whitening your teeth does not have to be very costly, Or that

using often-expensive teeth whitening from the dentist or teeth whitening with laser treatment is the only answer—do something about it.

How to whiten teeth using home remedies does work. And these home remedies cost next to nothing, even when compared with the cheapest teeth whitening strips you can find on the market today. So, using these methods discussed above, or just straight teeth whitening with baking soda, you can enjoy whiter and cleaner-looking teeth without breaking the bank.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are tips and ideas for how to whiten your teeth naturally at home using different methods and all-natural home remedies.

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