How to Cleanse Lungs After Smoking

how to cleanse lungs after smoking

Learn how to cleanse lungs after smoking; yourthree easy methods to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking. According to The Tobacco Consultation Services of the University of Michigan Health System, quitting smoking can improve your lung’s health within days after quitting smoking.

The study suggests that by quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to heavy air pollution, your lungs will naturally be cleaner in few short days—therefore showing significant after smoking lungs health.

The study indicated that once you quit smoking, your lung capacity will increase significantly within three days. However, there are certain things you can do to speed up the process and ensure that your lungs are clean and fully functioning sooner.

Here are three ways to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking, your at-home after smoking lungs cleansing hack.

1) Clean your home – cleanse lungs after quitting smoking priority number one

How to cleanse lungs after smoking tip number one is about keeping your home clean. Your home could be neat and tidy, but it is the dust and mites that you should watch out for.

Dust can quickly get in your lungs when you breathe, so you must dust your home regularly. Wipe all surfaces and vacuum rugs and carpets. If you have curtains, wash them before hanging them up again. Also, check your air conditioner’s filters and make sure they are not thick with dust.

If you can afford it, get an air purifier to improve the air quality inside your home. If you need to choose a specific area to be purified, prioritize your bedroom so you can be exposed to good, clean air while you are asleep.

This method to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking by keeping your home clean may seem trivial to some, but it should not. While you are a smoker, you are polluting your lungs and your home with cigarette toxins. And once you quit, maintaining clean and fresh air around you must be a priority.

2) Get rid of chemicals – after smoking lungs common sense approach

How to cleanse lungs after smoking tip number two should involve removing harmful chemicals from your home. Chemicals and artificial scents found in most commercial cleaning agents and air fresheners may do more harm than good.

Although they may perceive cleanliness, these chemicals may irritate the lungs and reduce their functionality. To improve your lung health, eliminate harmful chemicals from your home and stick with natural solutions instead. For multipurpose cleaning, you can rely on a solution of vinegar and water. For air freshening, you can stick with essential oils. There is no reason to use synthetic solvents at home.

3) Try breathing exercises

Tip to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking number three is doing specific breathing exercises that will ultimately improve and sustain a healthy lung. Doing breathing exercises is something the Lung Institute recommends for increasing lung capacity.

You can do some exercises to cleanse the lungs, but one that the COPD Foundation recommends is called Belly Breathing. To do this, you need to lie down either on your bed or on a mat. This works best if you keep one hand resting on your belly.

As you breathe in through your nose, you should feel your stomach expand. Then, purse your lips to breathe out through your mouth and feel your belly deflating. Although this might not seem like much, it has been proven to strengthen the lungs, especially if done at least twice a day.

Final thoughts on how to cleanse lungs after smoking

Whether you smoke cigarettes, have quit smoking, or are overexposed to air pollution, keeping your lungs clean should be a top priority. The benefits of healthy lungs are not limited to the ease of breathing. Sure, clean lungs will make it easy for you to breathe.

That will consequently lead to a host of other health benefits like better circulation and blood quality. Better lung capacity and potentially avoiding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD.) Dangerous diseases acquired from smoking like COPD can be deadly and knowing that your lung is healthy enough should be encouraging news.

By following these tips for how to cleanse lungs after quitting smoking, you should enjoy fully functioning lungs and, consequently, improved overall health. Thank you for reading, and good luck to you! And that is your after-smoking lungs therapy and how to cleanse lungs after smoking.

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