How to Flirt with A Guy – Flirting with Guys Tips

How to flirt with a guy – flirting with guys tips: In today’s world, it is normal for girls to make the first move. While guys also like it when girls become bold and make the first move, seeming too desperate is a huge turn-off for most guys.

If you want to be successful in courting men, first, you must learn the tips and tricks on how to flirt with a guy to win his heart. The flirting with guys tips you will learn in this article focused mostly on not seeming desperate or creepy.

The lists mentioned below will guide you on how to attract men without seeming desperate or weird—so, pay attention and learn how to flirt with men successfully.

 Request for his help and give him compliments.        

Asking for his help, no matter how simple it is, can be a good ice breaker. This also gives him a chance to show off his skills or muscles. After he helped you with your request, make sure to show your appreciation and give him compliments. Whether or not he is also interested in you at the onset, this will surely make him happy.

Girls, the tip above is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book that women use to attract men. And that should be yours when it comes to how to flirt with a guy. Guys like to help girls in need, and there is no better way to get their attention than asking them to help you with something—this tip works like a charm; take advantage of it.

2. Make it evident that you are checking him out.

A man will notice that you are checking him out with your stare. An effective strategy is to eye him up until he sees you, and then when he does, turn away and make it appear that you are blushing. Guys will take this hint and may prompt them to talk to you, and that is a good flirting with guys tips you should master.

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3. Approach the guy in a friendly manner.

Keep it cool when you approach him and try to give off a warm and friendly vibe. Do not touch him yet; talk to him the same way you would talk to your gay friends. Start with this and then slowly make prolonged eye contact and flash your prettiest smile until he gets the hint.

Friendliness has its perks and showing a guy that you are friendly and meant no harm to him is one of the best tips on how to flirt with a guy—boys like to befriend girls, whether they find the girl attractive or not, so use this tip to break the ice.

4. Think of an excuse to get his phone number and talk to him more.

This tip has its limitation; it is a useful tip on how to attract men but does not work on all guys. Some guys will spot this strategy in a mile, so be careful when and how to use it. Having an excuse to get his phone number is good for somebody who is already attracted to you and wants to get to know you more.

The approach may seem creepy or weird for somebody who has not made up his mind about you. If you want to use this trick, make sure that you are creative enough, otherwise, the whole scheme may fall flat, and you could feel embarrassed about trying it in the first place. Again, the phone number excuse trick can be cheesy, but hey, it works like a charm if you do it right.

5. Seek his opinion about something – an underrated trick on how to flirt with a guy

Asking his opinion about random stuff is another great trick on how to flirt with a guy; it is effective and can be an ice breaker. Doing this will get him to talk and even show his expertise or knowledge on a particular subject matter. This will not only make him feel important but will also help you know more about him.

Folks, this is indeed one of the best flirting with guys tips you can use. It works like a charm because men have egos, and nothing makes guys happy other than somebody massaging his ego.

6. Just do it! – a how to attract men lesson to know

No, this is not a Nike commercial, but the phrase “just do it” can work as useful tips on how to attract men. Women sometimes become too conscious about looking desperate, and this prevents them from making a move. However, unless you are begging men to date you or offering them money, most women do not look desperate even when they make the first move.

Be confident, go for it, and devise your method of flirting with men without seeming desperate, flirt like a real pro! Show that you know how to flirt with a guy without seeming desperate or creepy—and that is a total pro approach on how to attract men.

Yes, making the first move is a good idea if you fancy someone. However, it would be best if you did not make yourself look desperate because guys do not take such women seriously.

Final thoughts on how to flirt with a guy

Girls flirting with guys’ tips come in different shapes and forms, but in the end, the end goal should be the same—to get your dream guy. Keep in mind that your self-respect should still be greater, so learn how to attract men the right way and approach them with dignity.

Your goal should be to attract your man at the end of the day while your integrity is still intact. So, use these tips on how to flirt with men strategically and to your advantage.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to you! And those are your tips on how to flirt with a guy.

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