How to Get A Man – How to Get A Man You Want

  • Publish Date: 10-02-2019 / 5:06 AM
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How to get a man – how to get a man you want using mind power. You may have probably heard about the Law of Attraction. However, you probably do not know how to apply it in your own life, especially when it comes to how to get a man—or, attracting a man to chase you, using mind power.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you thought—it can attract the life you want, the career you want, the success you want, and even the man you want. In this article, we will share a few simple steps on how to get a man to chase you, or in a simple term, how to get a man you want using mind power.

Below are tips and tricks on how to attract the love that you desire.

1. Make sure that you are detailed and specific with who you want to attract.

Like goal setting, be clear and specific about the person that you want to attract. If you are unclear, you will also get vague results, or worse, you might even attract the wrong person and end up in a failed relationship.

Write down specific details of the person you want to attract, describe him in terms of appearance and personality, and specify what you want and do not want. Also, make sure that you write only positively and avoid negative words such as “don’t” and “not” because your subconscious cannot detect that, and it may mistakenly attract what you do not want.

 So instead of writing “not shy,” you can write the word “confident.” How to get a man you want is more than just wishing; you must put your whole mind and soul into it.

2. Align your thoughts and feelings.

Visualize that you have great times with the one you want to attract. Make sure that your mind and emotions are aligned. Think of vivid imaginations and be specific when thinking about how your relationship will grow for better results.

When you visualize, you should also align your emotions and feel the warmth of his love. Hold these positive thoughts and feelings as you go through your daily life to attract the men you want. How to get a man to chase you start with your attitude toward that man. If you show interest and make it clear through your words and actions, then you make yourself appear to him too attractive and tempting to resist.

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3. Eliminate personal obstacles and align your behavior and actions.

If you have personal obstacles such as low self-esteem, lack of faith, doubts, hesitations, or are still emotionally attached to your ex, these tips on getting a man to chase you or want you will fail. Using mind power to attract a man should always align with your positive outlook on life. If you feel inadequate about yourself, you will not find a man who will cherish you.

Using mind power will surely fail to attract the man you want if you are unsure about yourself. So, let go of all these obstacles to be ready to accept the love you desire.

Moreover, you should align your thoughts and feelings accordingly and your actions and behavior. Dress well and go out to socialize—you will never know when your ideal guy will show up.

4. Have faith in the process – the hallmark of how to get a man.

Manage your expectations and keep in mind that you will not achieve your desired results in an instant. However, no matter what happens, believe in the process, and do not give up too soon to program your subconscious to attract the man you want. How to get a man to chase you start with you feeling that you are worth the prize of being chased.

5. Let go and wait for the result to come to you.

Once you have done all the previous steps, the last step is to let go and wait for your desired outcome to come to fruition. You have done your part; now it is time to let the universe do its part. Remember not to rush into things because it might give you negative results, instead learn how to attract a man using mind power to succeed in getting what you desire—and that should be the first lesson on how to get a man you want.

Final thoughts on how to get a man you want:

Now that you have some idea of how to get a man to chase you, remember one thing mentioned earlier in this article, the human mind is powerful. And that it can attract positivity or negativity depending on your mindset. So, no matter what you want, try to focus on it, and the universe will surely give it to you.

Stay positive always, and never hesitate to go after what you want. Thanks for reading, and good luck to you! And those are tips on how to get a man you want.

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