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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss for School

healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss for school

Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss for school. Breakfast is widely regarded as the most important meal of the day. What kids eat for breakfast will set them up for the day and help them start their day right. Kids who learn good eating habits at a younger age tends to grow up maintaining that same good habits. The following are 5 healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss for school.

1 – Eggs in a Pepper

It is a little-known fact that eggs are possibly one of the best weight loss foods available. A study published in the NCBI demonstrated that those who eat eggs are more likely to lose weight as compared to control groups that ate carb-based foods. The protein keeps them full for longer. Eggs are also heavy in antioxidants, lutein, zeaxanthin, choline, essential amino acids, trace minerals and omega 3. An egg only contains 75 calories. What you can do is take a pepper and slice it up. Put the peppers in a frying pan with the eggs in between to keep the egg inside.

2 – Choose your Smoothies

It is believed that breakfast is an essential meal for the day. But it does not have to be a heavy meal. A super smoothie with banana, cacao powder, coconut water and acai powder can give your child a boost of essential vitamins and minerals to start their day. Because smoothies are essentially pre-digested, the calorific count is not as heavy as compared to whole foods. You can have a selection of goods and let your child choose which one he/she wants.

3 – Simple Granola Breakfast

You can create a light, healthy and simple breakfast with some low sugar granola, cultured yogurt and fresh fruits. You can also throw in some seeds for an extra boost. A light breakfast like this will give kids the nutrition they need without weighing them down and is very easy to metabolize.

4 – Super Berry Porridge

One the surprising healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss for school that parents can prepare for their kids is berry porridge. Surprising because porridge might be regarded as carb intensive by many people. However, it is a healthy superfood and great for the digestion, cleaning the whole digestive tract with lots of fiber. Porridge is cheap and easy to make, and it is easy to add fruits such as blackberries or strawberries. These can be blended and added to the porridge as a sweet syrup. Superfoods such as acai powder and cacao powder can also be added. Maple syrup and honey are wonderful additions to make this more appealing.

5 – Banana Sandwiches

Cut a banana down the middle, so you have two long semi-circular slices. Add some almond butter, fruit, nuts and maple syrup and you have a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast meal that your kids will love. A breakfast meal can be a breakfast snack to help with weight loss and does not have to be large.

There are many different types of healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss for school that are cheap, very healthy and feels you up. A simple breakfast like porridge can be very nutritious and filling and even satisfying, especially when you get inventive with fruits and natural sugars.

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