Foods That Lower Testosterone

Foods that lower testosterone in males – low testosterone treatment options. Some foods can boost your testosterone levels, and certain foods can also tank your T-levels. So, the obvious question to ask is, what low testosterone treatment options do you have when your T-levels are always low?

Low testosterone symptoms in men are many and not always easy to decipher. And that is why it is essential to discover and learn about those foods that lower testosterone so that you can do your best to avoid them.

This article will share with you 10 foods that lower testosterone in males that you need to avoid or remove from your diet. These are foods you must avoid eating, or your testosterone will drop—and probably to the levels, you do not want to be.

There is nothing complicated about how low testosterone affects your manhood. And knowing this alone qualifies as your low testosterone treatment options. That is as simple as ABC because once you know, the next step should be to avoid those things or foods that lower testosterone that you have been eating.

To kiss goodbye to any low testosterone symptoms in men as far as you are concerned, we invite you to read the following 10 lists of foods that lower testosterone. Knowing them means that you understand your low testosterone treatment options.

But before we go through the list, what are the low testosterone symptoms in men that every man should watch out for? In other words, what are the low testosterone symptoms that should prompt you to ask your doctor, is something wrong with me?

Without going in-depth, these are few low testosterone symptoms in men that you must know without talking to your doctor. If you have always been active in bed, and suddenly, your sex drive is completely gone, you should know that something is not right. If your manhood suddenly stops getting up, you should sense that you have erectile dysfunction. When you start losing bodily hair, that is a good sign that your testosterone level is down. Obesity and getting tired are also some signs, although not as apparent as other symptoms mentioned earlier.

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1. Soy products

Many scientific journal studies, such as The Human Reproduction, found that soy can slash a person’s sperm count and T-levels. In another research by the Colorado State University, it was found that consumption f soy products are associated with high equol levels, which reduces testosterone production.

2. Sugar – one of the top foods that lower testosterone

Soda, doughnuts, cakes, and other high sugar foods can be considered testosterone-killing foods. In a study by the Oxford University, 25 percent of the 75 male participants who were administered a 75 g dose of pure sugar experienced a decline in testosterone.

3. Breakfast pastries

According to the British Journal of Nutrition, the trans fats that you get from the margarine and butter used in the breakfast pastries that you eat can harm testosterone production in your body.

4. Flaxseeds

Sure, flaxseeds are rich in omega-3, which is good for your health. However, according to a study by the Duke University Medical Centre, this can lead to a decline in your T-levels because it contains high levels of lignan chemical. The story about flaxseeds is one reason why knowing the foods to avoid should be a part of your low testosterone treatment options. Flaxseeds, who would have thought?

5. Alcohol

This one indeed is obvious and one of the foods that lower testosterone in males. When you consume alcohol, your body releases endorphins which can make you feel good earlier on. However, these chemicals can also reduce the levels of testosterone in your body. According to a study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, having five or more drinks in a day can adversely affect testosterone production.

6. Simple carbohydrates

White bread, rice, and other simple carbohydrates can result in weight gain. In turn, an increase in body fat can increase the estrogen in the body and make testosterone less effective. A University of Buffalo study published in Diabetes Care found that 40 percent of the male subjects who are considered obese had low testosterone levels.

7. Farmed Fish

It is always recommended to consume wild instead of farm fish because it contains a significant contaminant level. In a research led by Ronald Hites, Ph.D. of Indiana University, which involved studying 700 salmon purchased in stores from Edinburgh, Scotland to Seattle, Washington, it was found that these farmed products have 8 times more of the cancer-causing PCBs compared to their wild counterparts. Furthermore, they also contain dioxins from herbicides. Getting exposed to these chemicals can lower your levels of testosterone.

Farm fish is another tough one because it is Fish, after all. Fish are supposed to be good for you. For anybody to associate low testosterone symptoms in men with eating fish would be crazy—but as you can see, farm fish and ocean fish are not created equal.

8. Mint

In one study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, it was discovered that spearmint could slash your T-levels. In another study in the journal Urology, researchers found that the rats who drank peppermint tea have lower T-levels compared to the group of rats that were only given water.

9. Licorice

Because licorice contains high levels of glycyrrhizic acid, it is considered a testosterone-killing food. According to one study by Paul Bergner published in Medical Herbalism, male participants who were given 7 grams of licorice tablets that contain 0.5 grams of this acid had 35 percent lower T-levels in just 4 days.

10. Cheese

Many of the commercial cheese sold in markets are created using cow’s milk treated with synthetic hormones. Consuming this can interfere with testosterone’s natural production in your body and mess with your sex drive.

Final thoughts on foods that lower testosterone

These are just some of the foods that lower testosterone in males that you need to avoid to maintain optimum testosterone levels. After reading about the 10 foods listed above, it would be easy to say that determining low testosterone symptoms in men will not be easy for any average Joe—because some of these foods should not be on the list, but unfortunately, there are.

Now that you have read and mastered the low testosterone treatment options available to you, by avoiding most of these foods, would you stay away from them? I would if I were you. Remember the saying, what tastes so good to you can kill you.

There are good-for-you foods and not so good for you foods. Make a wise choice, avoid foods that lower testosterone. Only eat those that boost your T-levels—and they are plenty to choose from; read up on those.

Good luck to you! And those are the list of foods that lower testosterone in men.

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