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Eye puffiness – home remedies for eye puffiness; a step-by-step guide on ways and how to reduce eye puffiness or get rid of it completely.

 There are several ways to remove eye puffiness or eye bags. Some of these methods can quickly be done at home with simple home remedies for eye puffiness; others may require some professional treatment or prescription medications.

However, in today’s article, we will concentrate on eye puffiness home remedy that involves using facial exercises—we have three easy facial exercises that you can use to remove eye puffiness at home.

I know, you are probably thinking and saying to yourself, what, facial exercises? Yes, facial exercises, and you will find out why later in this article. Some will indeed argue that the best way to remove eye bags is with makeup.

That may be true for some, but that is not an easy feat. Covering eyebags with blushes can be difficult for most makeup pros and will be even harder to get rid of for a non-makeup pro. Besides, what happens when you remove the makeup? The problem comes back.

Age is often the leading eye puffiness causes, but there are many other reasons, too—the reason why people have eye bags. Before we address some of the home remedies for eye puffiness discussed in this article, let us take few minutes to talk about eye puffiness causes.

So, what causes eye bags? Eye puffiness causes can range from an unhealthy diet to genetics. Some are caused by fluid retention, often due to diet when people consume too much salt. Extensive crying can cause you to have eye bags; other causes are allergies, too much exposure to the sun, old age, alcohol, and not getting enough sleep.

Some of these eye conditions can be addressed with certain medications. However, we believe that overall, facial exercises will be more effective in addressing most of these eye puffiness causes—and that is why this article will focus more on facial exercises.

Whether your eyebags are because of sleepless nights, alcohol-related conditions, or plain old age, we have some tips for you. Some tried and tested techniques on how to reduce eye puffiness at home.

Here are three facial exercises that you can use to remove your eye bags at home—and anybody can succeed with these exercises if done correctly.

Lower Lid Lift

According to Deborah Crowley, the founder of the ‘flex effect,’ which is a facial treatment regime. She said that building the palpebral muscles, which strengthens and firms the lower lid, is one of the most effective techniques to eliminate eye puffiness or eye bags.

This technique gets rid of the appearance of eye bags and dark circles around the eyes when done correctly—here is how.

Using your three middle fingers of each hand, pull your lower lid down and hold them on top of your cheekbones. At the same time, try and close the lower lids to contract the muscles. Do this for 1 minute at a time; repeat two times. That is eye puffiness home remedy facial exercise number one.

Lower eyelid strengthens – for your effective home remedies for eye puffiness

Put your forefinger on your eyes’ outer corners while putting your middle fingers on the inner comers of the eye sockets. Look upwards towards the ceiling while applying slight pressure. Then lift your lower lids without squinting. If your eyes are twitching beneath your fingers, you are completing the exercise correctly. Repeat ten times a day over 7 days for the best results.

These facial exercise-based home remedies for eye puffiness works well once you master them and can do it regularly and as accurately as possible. Some people have issues with learning the techniques and getting them down, and once they do, some do achieve good results.

Yoga – for Eye Puffiness Cure

When looking for how to reduce eye puffiness, one should not forget about wheel bend. Yoga is fantastic for getting rid of eye puffiness because it gets to the root of the cause. Doing facial yoga should help eliminate the problem when done correctly.

Asanas (a posture in which people hold) and apply pressure to the head allows fresh blood to gush forward. This can work wonders for the eyes, bringing them back to their shiny selves.

One such yoga exercise is the wheel bend. This is a backbend that forms the shape of a wheel. To complete this posture, lie down on the floor with your knees bent. Place the palms of your hands backward beside the ears and push your body up, supporting yourself with your arms and legs. Hold this posture for 30 seconds and then repeat.

Eye puffiness causes are many, as discussed above, and wheel bend yoga poses are one of the excellent home remedies for eye puffiness that can work for most of the causes. Lack of blood flow is often the leading cause of eye puffiness for older people, and wheel bend yoga is excellent for getting rid of that condition.

Final thoughts on home remedies for eye puffiness :

As stated earlier in this article, there are many ways to address eye bag conditions, including makeup. However, these eye puffiness home remedies based on facial exercises are the ones that can get you the most result quicker.

You can follow these three home remedies for eye puffiness facial exercises to remove eye bags at home daily and be as consistent as you possibly can. Rest after seven days, give yourself a couple of days of break, then evaluate your situation. Repeat for seven more days. When you feel that you have achieved the result you were looking for, then stop.

Then repeat the above eye puffiness exercise routines once or twice a week for maintenance purposes. How to reduce eye puffiness or get rid of it entirely depends on the eye puffiness causes. For example, if yours is caused by alcohol drinking, it can be eliminated—if you stop drinking altogether.

Still, something like allergy, your goal should be to reduce it as much as possible using any of the above eye puffiness home remedy facial exercises outlined above.

There you have it. And those are your home remedies for eye puffiness facial exercises.

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