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easy to grow vegetables
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Easy to grow vegetablesvegetables that regrow quickly. How would you like to save money and time by having the things you need and want all year round without spending additional money to acquire them? Yes, if you have heard the saying, you can eat your cake and have it—well, this article is for you.

This article will share 11 vegetables and herbs that you can buy and regrow forever. You heard that right; these are easy to grow vegetables. The type of vegetables that regrow fast. We are talking about vegetables to grow in shades and vegetables that regrow in water.

Vegetables may form a large part of your grocery budget, and that is a good thing because it means you are eating healthy. You buy them once and keep regrowing them year after year—that is what this article will teach you. You buy them once, then keep regrowing what you already have. And that saves you a lot of money.

The best part is that you do not need to be an expert gardener to make it happen. You do not even need a large yard or garden. All you need are a few containers, water, and sunlight. If you are interested in lowering your grocery bill and enjoying an endless supply of vegetables, here are 11 vegetables and herbs that are easy to grow vegetables and herbs. Some are healthy vegetables to grow in shade, and others are vegetables that regrow in water.

1) Basil – Vegetables that Regrow in Water

One of the vegetables that regrow very quickly is Basil. When buying Basil, take all the stems with at least 6 leaves. That is all you need to regrow unlimited amounts of Basil. You need to remove the three lowest leaves right where they meet the stem. Then, place the stem in a bottle with about 2 inches of clean water.

Leave the container on your windowsill and replace the water every 3 days. In about a week or so, when roots have grown, you can plant each stem in their small pot of soil. Keep them indoors but close to sunlight and cover them with plastic to increase humidity. Water as needed and place outside after 2 to 3 weeks. You can do this repeatedly until you have grown an unlimited supply. Repeat as needed.

Basil is one of those vegetables you can grow in shades and under sunlight after a particular time. After week two or three.

2) Carrots – Vegetables You Can Grow in Shades

Keep the tops that you cut off when consuming carrots. Place it in a shallow water tray and keep the tray in an area that gets ample sunlight. Add water as needed. Within days, you will notice greens sprouting from the carrot tops. After about a week, small roots should be visible from the bottom.

Soon after, they will be ready for planting in their pots. Put them in a full sunlight location, and you will soon have your carrots to harvest. Repeat as needed.

Carrots are easy to grow vegetables, and you can grow them under sunlight or in shades.

3) Celery

Keep the celery base once you have cut off the parts you eat. Rinse it, put it in a small water container, and place it on a windowsill that gets ample sun. You will notice leaves and stalks growing from the center in a few days. Do not be alarmed when the sides dry out. Just replace the water every few days to keep the center nourished. Once the new growth starts to become dark green, you can put it in a pot of soil and continue caring for it until it is ready for harvest.

4) Garlic

Take a clove of garlic and prepare your container with well-drained soil. Make a hole that is about double the size of the clove in depth. Place the clove inside and cover it up loosely. Keep it watered with access to ample sunlight. When it flowers, stop watering to dry out the bulb before harvest.

In about a month or so, you will be able to harvest usable garlic. Remember that each clove you plant will make a whole bulb, so if you want more garlic bulbs, all you need to do is grow and produce more cloves.

5) Ginger – Vegetables to Grow in Shade

Allow your ginger root to sit for a few days until you notice some eye buds. Take the piece with eye buds and soak it in water overnight. The next day, plant it in a pot of soil with the eye bud pointing up. Cover it loosely with about an inch of soil and keep it watered.

Ginger thrives where there is not too much sunlight. You will notice the shoots becoming healthier and lusher in a few weeks. You will be able to harvest usable ginger in about 3 months. Remember to plant each eye bud separately to give you plenty to harvest when it is time.

6) Green Onions – Vegetables that Regrow Quickly

Green Onions are easy to grow vegetables. Select green onions with solid roots. Rinse the dirt off the roots and place the entire stem in a glass of water. Place the glass on a sunny windowsill and watch it grow. Take what you need whenever you need it, and it will keep growing for as long as you change the water frequently and give it enough sunlight.

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7) Leeks – Easy to Grow Vegetables

Place your excess leeks in a glass of water and place the glass on a sunny windowsill. Just cut off what you need and leave the rest in the glass whenever you need leeks. If you change the water every few days, the leeks will continue to regrow and give you an unlimited supply.

8) Lettuce

Do not throw out the base that you cut off from your lettuce. Instead, please place it in a shallow water container and leave it in a sunny window. You will notice new leaves starting to grow in just a couple of days. Change the water every other day. In about 4 weeks, you will have a new head of lettuce.

Remember that each base grows its lettuce head. So, the more bases you save, the more lettuce you will enjoy in a month. Lettuce is one of the vegetables that regrow quickly. And one of those herbs and vegetables that regrow in water and the shades.

9) Mint – Vegetables That Regrow in Water

Take a healthy stem of mint and strip off all the leaves except for a few located at the top. Place the stem in a glass of water and keep it on a windowsill with enough sunlight. Replace the water every other day and wait for the roots to appear. Once there are visible roots, wait about a week before planting the stem in the soil.

If you keep it watered and give it access to ample sunlight, it should give you an endless supply of mint leaves. Mint is one of the best vegetables that regrow in water and one of the best herbs and vegetables that regrow quickly.

10) Onions

Take a large but empty water container and make some holes around it. The holes should be big enough to slip onion buds through. Add soil and add your bulbs starting from the bottom. Keep alternating between soil and your bulbs until you have reached the top. Then, water it and place it on a sunny windowsill.

Your greens will become lusher, and, over time, your onions will be visibly larger. When they are all large enough to harvest, you can pull them out and start again for your next batch—onions are one of easy to grow vegetables that you can grow at home.

11) Sweet Potato

Place sweet potato in a jar of water, keeping about an inch of the top above the water. Keep the container in an area that receives ample sunlight. In a couple of days, you will notice some sprouts growing from it. Change the water out every other day and watch the sprouts grow. Once the shoots are about 4 inches long, pull them off the potato and place them in their glass of water.

The sweet potato will continue making new sprouts that you can keep separating later. Meanwhile, plant them in soil and keep them watered once the separated shoots have rooted. It will take a few months before you can have harvestable sweet potatoes. But, if you plant all the sprouts you get from the first tuber, you will enjoy an endless supply.

Final Thoughts On Easy to Grow Vegetables

Growing these 11 herbs and vegetables that grow and proliferate in your home can significantly lower your food costs and inspire you to eat more healthily. Plus, watching them grow can give you a feeling of accomplishment.

If you buy any herbs and vegetables that grow in shade and some of the vegetables that regrow in water regularly, there is no need to keep buying them now. Try regrowing them on your own and find joy in being able to grow your food at no additional cost to you.

If you know that you can save money on these vegetables you can grow in shades and many vegetables that regrow quickly in your home, why would anybody want to spend extra money on vegetables and herbs? So, start saving by growing these healthy easy-to-grow vegetables at home starting today.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are your eleven easy to grow vegetables that grow in the shade, in water, and under sunlight.

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