How to Prevent Cervical Cancer with Diet

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Treatment for cervical cancer – how to prevent cervical cancer with diet: Prolonged inflammation in the body leads to a higher risk of various cancers, including cervical cancer.

In this article about treatment for cervical cancer and prevention through diet, we will go in-depth about food and fruits that can prevent cervical cancer and all types of cancer in general. Specifically, foods and fruits that contain cervical cancer-fighting properties. Healthy foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and are high in antioxidants to suppress free-radical growth.

But before we talk about treatment for cervical cancer, let us touch briefly on the cause of cervical cancer. It makes sense to understand the leading cause of cervical cancer before discussing how to prevent cervical cancer with foods or any other possible treatment.

Leading cause of cervical cancer

By the way, cervical cancer is the kind of cancer in a woman’s cervix, which is part of the uterus which connects to the vagina. Cervical cancer is not your typical sexually transmitted disease, but it emanates from long-lasting infection from sexual contact. (HPV) or human papillomavirus, which is a common sexually transmitted disease.

The cause of cervical cancer through HPV is not how often it can happen but how quickly it can be detected and treated. Because the longer it lingers it could lead to more severe conditions such as cervical cancer. HPV happens more often than we know, especially to those who are sexually active with multiple sex partners. The question is not the frequency or cause of cervical cancer through human papillomavirus, but how quickly it can be treated and stopped from developing into cervical cancer.

There may be other known causes of cervical cancer, but the most prevalent and obvious one is sexually transmitted disease, notably, the human papillomavirus (HPV.) This virus can survive in humans for many years, and the more it is left untreated, the more chance it will have to develop into cervical cancer.

Now, how to prevent cervical cancer with diet—treatment for cervical cancer.

1) Pineapples

Pineapples are rich in the essential enzyme called bromelain. Various studies, including the review published by Biomedical Reports in 2016, proves that bromelain has effective anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, a review led by researchers at the University of Oxford shows that bromelain helps protect against tumor and cancer growth.

That means adding bromelain-rich pineapples to your diet can help protect you against cervical cancer—eating pineapples often should be a significant part of how to prevent cervical cancer with diet.

2) Apples – how to prevent cervical cancer with diet

One of the best diet tips for treating cervical cancer and prevention that anybody can give you is to remind you to eat your apples. There is a reason for the centuries-old adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples have long been known to be one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet.

They aid in improving gut health and digestion. Furthermore, apples have been proven to fight various ailments, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and type 2 diabetes. This fruit is also known to prevent various cancers, including cervical cancer. A review published by Advances in Nutrition in 2011 showed that apples are beneficial to cancer prevention.

3) Pomegranate – for treatment of cervical cancer and prevention

Red wine and green tea have long been lauded for their high antioxidant levels. However, a study led by researchers at the University of California’s Department of Pomology shows that pomegranate has the antioxidant content of both those beverages thrice.

Additionally, various studies have shown that pomegranate can reduce inflammation in the body. This makes it an incredibly beneficial fruit for preventing cancer. Eat more pomegranate to prevent cervical cancer.

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4) Strawberries

Strawberries are incredibly rich in various nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, folate, and manganese. Just like other berries, strawberries are rich in antioxidants, making them highly beneficial for the body. 

 According to separate studies led by researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine and The Ohio State University, strawberries can also prevent cancers and the formation of tumors. Strawberries can aid in the treatment of cervical cancer

5) Watermelon

When it comes to listing diet tips for preventing cervical cancer, most people will not think of watermelon. Yes, the watermelon test is tremendous and has many health benefits, but you will be surprised to learn that it can help you prevent cervical cancer. It is easy to think that watermelons are just made of fiber and water. However, they have been proven to be rich in antioxidants that aid in preventing cancer.

Among their most important antioxidants are called lycopene and cucurbitacin E. According to a study published by the EXCLI Journal, lycopene helps in reducing the risk of cancer. On the other hand, a review published by Current Topics in Medical Chemistry shows the ability of cucurbitacin E to prevent cancer and the growth of tumors.

6) Olives – know the leading cause of cervical cancer before prevention

Part of treatment for cervical cancer is prevention, and prevention starts with knowing the leading cause of cervical cancer. As discussed earlier in this article, HPV or human papillomavirus can stay in human bodies for years before it develops into cervical cancer; if left untreated. Eating lots of olives can help combat that because of the reasons below.

Olives are known to be high in vitamins and minerals. However, studies have shown that they are even more beneficial because of their high antioxidant content and their incredible anti-inflammatory effects.

Olives have been proven to be effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and preventing cancer. According to a study published by the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism in 1993, these anti-cancer antioxidants are present in olive oil. A review published in Mini-Reviews in Medical Chemistry supports this.

High in vitamins and mineral content, high in antioxidant, and high in anti-inflammatory effects—that is why olives are beneficial for the treatment of cervical cancer and prevention of cervical cancer because it can fight HPV.

7) Blackberries

Blackberries are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, among its most important properties are its unique antioxidant content and its incredible anti-inflammatory effects. These make them extraordinarily effective in preventing various diseases, including cancer.

A study published by MDPI’s journal Nutrients in 2013 has proven this. A review published by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in 2015 has demonstrated the health benefits of blackberries.

8) Papaya – prevent cervical cancer before it starts

Papayas are known to be especially helpful in aiding digestion. They are known to have high doses of vitamins A, C, and folate, and the mineral potassium. Additionally, they are rich in lycopene, the antioxidant shown in a review by Poland’s National Institute of Public Health to reduce cancer risk and prevent tumor growth.

 In fact, according to a study published by the British Journal of Nutrition, papayas are even better than tomatoes and carrots in providing cancer-preventing antioxidants.

9) Plums

When counting foods and diet tips to prevent cervical cancer, most people will not think about plums, but plums have phenolic acids that many fruits don’t have.  According to a study published by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in 2009, plums are rich in phenolic acids.

Phenolic acids can kill cancer cells in the body without harming any healthy cells. That makes the fruit ridiculously beneficial not just in preventing cancer but also in curing cancer. Peaches have the same anti-cancer effects as well—prevent cervical cancer with plums.

10) Cranberries

Cranberries are rich in vitamins C, E, and K1 and the minerals manganese and copper. They are also known to aid in preventing and curing urinary tract infections. However, among its most impressive properties is its antioxidant content, which was studied separately by researchers in the Pennsylvania’s University of Scranton and New Jersey’s Rutgers University.

Like plums and peaches, cranberries are rich in antioxidant polyphenols that have various health benefits, including preventing cancer cells from developing in the body.

Final thoughts about the leading cause of cervical cancer, treatment for cervical cancer, and prevention

These ten fruits listed in this article should be on top of anybody’s diet tipson how to prevent cervical cancer with diet. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent any cancer. However, because of their high antioxidant content and incredible anti-inflammatory effect, these ten fruits should be on the top list of anybody when researching the leading cause of cervical cancer and the treatment for cervical cancer.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to you! And those are your list of how to prevent cervical cancer with diet.

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