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Sunday 26 May 2019 / 5:10 PM

Weight Loss Diet & Exercise

10 Low Calorie Foods for Those Who Watch Their Weight

low-calorie foods for people who watch their weight
  • Publish Date: 19-01-2019 / 3:36 PM

10 low-calorie foods for those who watch their weight. You’ve probably heard of the weight loss advice that says: “Stop eating before you’re full.” However, what’s annoying about following this tip is that you will tend to feel dissatisfied with your meals. What if I tell you that there are low calorie foods for those …

Honey and Cinnamon Recipes for Weight Loss

honey and cinnamon recipes
  • Publish Date: 19-01-2019 / 3:14 PM

Honey and cinnamon recipes for weight loss. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise are the two most common and effective ways of losing weight. But do you know that there are some natural weight loss drinks that you can consume to help you shed those extra pounds faster? In this article, we will discuss …

How to Lose Weight Naturally Without Dieting and Exercise

lose weight naturally without dieting and exercise
  • Publish Date: 13-01-2019 / 2:42 AM

How to lose weight naturally without dieting and exercise. Following a strict conventional diet and exercise regimen can be difficult. But what if we tell you that there are ways by which you can lose weight naturally without exercise and diet? Sounds too good to be true? There are indeed proven tips and tricks on …

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise in A Week

lose weight fast without exercise in a week
  • Publish Date: 13-01-2019 / 2:18 AM

How to lose weight fast without exercise in a week. There are countless methods on how to lose one’s extra pounds and achieve a weight loss goal without traditional exercise. Some choose to undergo cosmetic procedures, others prefer a strict diet regimen. If you want to lose weight but don’t have the time to exercise, …

How to Reduce Lower Body Fat With Yoga

reduce lower body fat with yoga
  • Publish Date: 08-01-2019 / 7:53 PM

How to reduce lower body fat with yoga. When some people work out, they tend to focus more on the upper body, particularly the arms and chest, and forget about the lower body. If your problem areas are your thighs and abdomen, there are types of exercises and cardio workouts that can help you get …

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