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Thursday 21 Feb 2019 / 6:37 PM

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Marriage and Health – 10 Reasons Married People Live Longer

marriage and health
  • Publish Date: 17-02-2019 / 3:28 AM

Marriage and health – 10 reasons married people live longer.  Married couples have been found to live longer compared to those unmarried. Being married boosts a person’s physical and mental health. In short, married people are healthier and happier, according to several studies. In this article, we will explore marriage and health advantages and reasons …

How to Attract and Flirt with Men

how to attract and flirt with men
  • Publish Date: 10-02-2019 / 4:19 AM

How to attract and flirt with men. In today’s world, it is normal for girls to make the first move. While guys also like it when girls become bold and make the first move, seeming too desperate is a huge turn off. If you want to be successful and learn how to flirt with a …

How to Flirt with A Girl Without Being Creepy

how to flirt with a girl
  • Publish Date: 10-02-2019 / 3:56 AM

How to flirt with a girl without being creepy. One of the most common fears of men when it comes to approaching women is the sick feeling of being rejected, or even worse, the fear of being looked at as creepy. So, if you are one of the guys who keep wondering how to flirt …

8 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You – Cheating Spouses Exposed

cheating spouses
  • Publish Date: 27-11-2017 / 6:31 PM

8 Signs your spouse is cheating on you – cheating spouses exposed. Do you have a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you, but have no way to be sure? Although the term cheating spouse confronted may sound like a cliche, but asking your partner straight on can be one way to find out. …

5 Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You Anymore

signs your crush doesn't like you anymore
  • Publish Date: 09-11-2017 / 1:05 PM

5 signs your crush doesn’t like you anymore. Figuring out if your crush likes you or not can be difficult. The following are five of the telltale signs your crush doesn’t like you anymore. Pay attention to the signs and do not fool yourself into making a fool of yourself. When he or she starts …

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