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Easy Home Remedies for Cough and Cold

easy home remedies for cough and cold
  • Publish Date: 26-03-2019 / 2:45 PM

Easy home remedies for cough and cold. Colds and coughs are things that everybody suffers from, often one or twice per year. A cure has yet to be created to deal with the common cold, however there are many treatments and remedies that can alleviate the symptoms and help people get through it quickly. Here …

Is It Safe to Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

is it safe to drink coffee during pregnancy?
  • Publish Date: 21-03-2019 / 6:41 PM

Is it safe to drink coffee during pregnancy? No, it is not, and here are 7 reasons why it is not safe to drink coffee while pregnant. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world that is consumed especially during the morning as it gives an energy boost. However, there has been …

Cow Milk Is Bad for You – 7 Reasons Why Cow’s Milk Is Bad for You

cow milk is bad for you
  • Publish Date: 21-03-2019 / 4:25 PM

Cow milk is bad for you. Doctors, nutritionists, and even your mom always remind you to drink your milk because of the health benefits. However, there are certain studies which suggest that cow’s milk may not be that good for you and that some aren’t well processed for human consumption. In this article, we will …

Bad Fruits to Eat – Fruits That Are Bad for You

bad fruits to eat
  • Publish Date: 21-03-2019 / 3:55 PM

Bad fruits to eat – fruits that are bad for you. Doctors and nutrition experts used to say to us that we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables because they are very good for us. However, as it turned out, not all fruits are created equal and some are not as healthy as you …

10 Foods That Are Not Good for You

foods that are not good for you
  • Publish Date: 21-03-2019 / 3:38 PM

10 foods that are not good for you. As staying healthy becomes increasingly important, diet fads and slimming products are growing in popularity. So often, people get swayed by promises of quick and easy weight loss. There are also a lot of food choices that can sometimes confuse people about what is healthy and what …

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