Benefits of Watermelon for Pregnant Women

  • Publish Date: 14-02-2022 / 1:17 AM
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Benefits of watermelon for pregnant women: What we will share in this article will put a smile on the face of any woman or a man who is planning to have a baby. We know that watermelon has a lot of benefits, but did you know that it can alleviate a lot of issues women face when they are pregnant?

You probably know about some benefits of watermelon, but most of the watermelon benefits for pregnancy are something most women do not even know existed. Read the entire article to learn about the five most health benefits of watermelon for pregnancy—something about pregnancy and watermelon you never thought about before.

Watermelon is grown year-round in many regions of the world, but it is most prevalent during the summer. Although it is composed of over 90% water, it is also packed with fiber and nutrients that offer incredible health benefits. It is considered an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and potassium.

Because of its unique composition of healthy nutrients, watermelon has been proven to be beneficial for hydration and cardiovascular health. It is helpful for athletic performance and cancer prevention. For pregnant women, watermelon for pregnancy benefits is even more impressive.

Here are 5 benefits of watermelon for pregnant women that will make you want to eat more of this sweet and refreshing fruit—now, the pregnancy and watermelon five benefits.

1) Eases Morning Sickness – Top Watermelon for Pregnancy Benefits

According to the American Pregnancy Association, eating watermelon can help combat nausea with morning sickness. Drinking watermelon juice might provide even more benefits. Start your day with a cold, blended watermelon beverage.

Not only does watermelon contain high levels of vitamins A, B6, and C, but its high content of potassium and magnesium can help prevent cramps—in addition to fighting morning sickness. One of the best ways to enjoy your watermelon in the morning is to: squeeze a wedge of lemon over your drink and add a dash of salt. Doing so will further settle your stomach and help you avoid the nausea that typically comes with morning sickness.

2) Alleviates Swelling – One of The Watermelon Benefits for Pregnancy

Because of its high water content, watermelon is an excellent diuretic. It helps flush out excess fluids and toxins when consumed. This is especially helpful when you are pregnant and suffering from edema in your arms, hands, legs, and feet.

By eating plenty of fresh, raw watermelon, you will be better able to combat water retention in your body. Naturopathic doctor Susan Roberts has found that eating half a watermelon every day helps her pregnant patients prevent all types of Swelling. Because of lycopene and vitamin C, watermelon can help lower inflammation and oxidation.

3) Relieves Heartburn – Pregnancy and Watermelon Benefits

Pregnant women commonly suffer from various digestive issues, not the least of which is Heartburn. Thankfully, watermelon is an excellent natural remedy for Heartburn. It helps calm and eases your food pipe and stomach as you consume it. Often, the relief it provides is instant and long-lasting.

Watermelon contains magnesium, and it is also a mildly acidic food. And because of that, it can neutralize acid secretion and help alleviate acid heartburn or acid reflux.

4) Supports a Healthy Immune System

One of the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women is that it supports a healthy immune system. Avoiding illness is doubly important when you are pregnant because you are playing host to a tiny, vulnerable human being. That means you need to take excellent care of yourself and do what you can to boost your immune system. Luckily, eating watermelon can help because of its high vitamin C and vitamin A content—excellent watermelon benefits for pregnancy.

5) Reduces Risk for Preeclampsia

Another watermelon for pregnancy benefits is that it reduces the risk of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition where pregnant women suffer from high blood pressure and exhibit signs of organ damage. This problematic situation can complicate a pregnancy and put both the mother and baby at risk.

But, according to a pilot study published by the American Journal of Hypertension in 2011, the lycopene in watermelon could aid in managing blood pressure, which would benefit preeclampsia patients greatly. Watermelon’s high lycopene levels can help reduce the chances of pregnant women having babies with intrauterine growth retardation—another benefit of pregnancy and watermelon.

Final Thought About Benefits of Watermelon for Pregnant Women

 Now that we know about the undeniable watermelon for pregnancy benefits, let us make sure we take advantage of them all. These 5 watermelon benefits for pregnancy are those specific only to pregnant women, but there is much more this fruit can offer—good health-wise.

Pregnancy and watermelon are dynamic combos for maintaining your overall health while pregnant. Other and sometimes universal health advantages from eating watermelon are improving heart health, digestion, and pain conditions management. Not to mention that watermelon is, an inexpensive, delicious, and easy-to-find fruit.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are the five health benefits of watermelon for pregnant women; every pregnant woman must know.

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