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Benefits of Oatmeal and Berries for Breakfast

  • Publish Date: 10-02-2018 / 3:14 AM
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Oatmeal is one of the most common breakfast food items that many kids and adults love. Not only are they warm and delicious, but they are also very filling and healthy. To add flavor to their oatmeal breakfast, many are also learning the health benefits of oatmeal and berries for breakfast when you combine fruits such as berries, which have many health benefits to your oatmeal.

So, the question is: What if you eat oats and berries every day for breakfast? Here’s exactly what’s going to happen to your body: Let’s talk about the benefits of oatmeal and berries for breakfast first, and then the recipes.

  • 1. The Health Benefits of Oats
    • You will be at a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. – Oats can lower your bad cholesterol and improve your overall cardiovascular health. Just a cup of cooked oats per day is enough to give you this benefit. Moreover, because oatmeal can help regulate your blood sugar levels, your risk of getting diabetes is also lower.
    • You will have better gastrointestinal health. – The beta-glucan content of oatmeal can help keep friendly bacteria in your intestines healthy. Additionally, the high fiber levels in oats can improve digestion and contribute to eliminating waste. Therefore, bloating will be eliminated or at least minimized.
    • You will get more protein and other nutrients. – Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients such as copper, phosphorous, zinc, iron, selenium, and magnesium. Plus, it only provides 2 grams of fat per cup and almost no saturated fat.
    • You will lose weight. – Because they are packed with fiber and are complex carbohydrates, you will feel full for an extended period compared to when you eat sugary and fatty foods for breakfast. Hence, you won’t get hungry again before lunch and be compelled to eat snacks. Moreover, oatmeal contains fewer calories compared to other breakfast foods.
  • 2. The Health Advantages of Berries
    • You will be protected from free radicals and will not be vulnerable to diseases. – Berries contain antioxidants including resveratrol, ellagic acid, and anthocyanins which protect your cells from free radical damage.

    • You will have improved insulin response and regulated blood sugar levels. – According to a study, eating 150 grams of pureed strawberries or a variety of berries with bread resulted in 24 to 26 percent lower insulin levels compared to eating the bread alone. This lowers the levels of blood sugar with better insulin response in both normal individuals and those with insulin resistance is enhanced.

    • You will have better digestion and will feel less hungry. – Aside from aiding digestion, the soluble fiber in berries can slow down the food’s movement in your digestive system and can, therefore, lead to increased feelings of satiety.

    • You will get a Vitamin C boost. – A cup of strawberries can give you 150% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

    • You will have lower bad cholesterol levels- Strawberries and raspberries have been found to lower the unhealthy cholesterol levels of participants with obesity and metabolic syndrome. In one research, subjects with metabolic syndrome who consumed a freeze-dried strawberry drink every day for eight weeks experienced reductions in bad cholesterol by 11%.

    More importantly, these fruits can also prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which can cause heart diseases. In a study wherein, obese participants consumed 50 grams of freeze-dried blueberries each day for eight weeks, the subjects experienced a 28% decline in oxidized LDL levels.

  • 3. Healthy Oats and Berries Recipes
    Ready to try eating oats and berries every day to experience first-hand the benefits mentioned above? Here are the simplest ways by which you can enjoy breakfast by primarily using these two ingredients:

    • Oatmeal with berries as toppings

    Instead of adding sugar or sweetened milk, top your oats with a handful of raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries (or maybe a combination of all these). A half cup of these fruits will only add 25 to 40 calories to your breakfast.

    • Oats and berries smoothie

    Prepare healthy oats and berries smoothie for breakfast by gathering these ingredients:
    o Half cup of strawberries
    o Half cup of raspberries
    o Half cup of quick oats or rolled oats
    o 1 cup of plain yogurt
    o 1 teaspoon honey (optional)
    o Half cup waters
    .. and then follow this procedure:
    1. Pour the water and yogurt in the blender.
    2. Add the oats.
    3. Add all the berries and honey (honey is optional).
    4. Blend until you achieve a smooth texture. (You can also add more water if it’s too thick.)

Don’t worry that it contains too many carbs because the high fiber content of this drink will balance it out and prevent your blood sugar level from rising.

Now that you know the health benefits of oatmeal and berries for breakfast; it’s also very important to make sure that you don’t skip breakfast. True, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you need to make sure that you’re eating the right kinds of foods to ensure that you will have enough energy at least until lunchtime. By eating oatmeal and different kinds of berries for your breakfast, you will not only manage to stay full but will also enjoy the many health benefits shared in this article. So, the next time you head to the grocery store to shop for supplies, replace the processed meats and refined carbohydrates that you usually eat for breakfast with these healthy grains and fruits.

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