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Bedtime Exercises for A Flat Tummy

bedtime exercises for a flat tummy

Bedtime exercises for a flat tummy. Are you busy working all day, driving your kids to school, preparing delicious meals, and doing your daily house chores which means that you never have enough time to yourself, or go to the gym? If you are the busy type who never seen to have enough time during the day, we have just a thing for you to keep you in shape and help burn your belly flat. We have tips on few bedtime exercises for flat tummy that anybody can do safely at home.

Do you know, that allotting 15 to 30 minutes of your time to exercise before bedtime can make a significant difference on your health, not to mention lose weight? Take this short time to integrate few effective exercises into your everyday routine before calling it a day and burn that stubborn tummy fat faster than you can say BURN!

Below are three bedtime exercises for flat tummy that will help you reduce abdominal fat:

  • Cardio exercises

Get your heart rate up and blood pumping. Before you go to bed, you can perform some cardio to get your heart rate up and sweat it out. If you have a stationary bike or a treadmill at home, you can use these to burn excess calories you consumed. On the other hand, if you have no cardio equipment, you can also do some walking, jogging, jumping rope, and running up and down the stairs.

If you want to put extra focus on your belly, these bedtime exercises for flat tummy coupled with some high-intensity interval training might do the job. HIIT refers to exercise routines characterized by short bursts of high intensity exercises with just a short period for resting between sets.

You can perform burpees for one minute, rest for half a minute, and then perform five sets. On a treadmill, you can sprint for a whole minute after you warmed up and then recover for two minutes.

  • Lift weights before bedtime.

Who says you can’t perform strength training before bedtime? Lifting weights before going to bed can help you burn fat effectively. The great thing about resistance training is that your muscles will burn fat even after you stop the exercise and boost your metabolic rate for about two days.

You can perform the following strength workout if you want to reduce your belly fat:

  • Dumbbell squat to shoulder press (30 secs)
    • Reverse lunge with biceps curl (30 secs)
    • Pushup with mountain climber (30 secs)
    • Burpee to shoulder press (30 secs)
    • Goblet squat (30 secs)

Note: After each 30-sec exercise, rest for 10 seconds, and do this sequence thrice.

  • Aerobic dance exercises

If you want to reduce excess fat and increase your metabolic rate, doing a 20-minute moderate-intensity aerobic dance exercise around 2 hours before going to bed can help you burn calories while sleeping. You can watch aerobic dance exercise video of your choice or YouTube, or insert your DVD into your favorite home video machine and sweat it out. This will surely make you sweat and increase your heart rate.

Good night sleep will help you burn fat, and our tips on bedtime exercises for flat tummy safely done at home will surely knock you out and make you sleep like a baby. Aside from these bedtime exercises—which, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, can help stimulate metabolism—you also need to pay attention to what you eat. In the end, a combination of a low-calorie diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise are the most effective means of blasting belly fat.

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