Amazing Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life

Amazing life hacks that could save your life: Life is not always butterflies and sunshine. Occasionally, there will be obstacles that could set us back. What matters is how we fight and keep going.

Whether it is a simple headache or a problematic survival situation, there are always survival tips for the wilderness and life that can save us when we are in trouble.

Below are 12 amazing life hacks that could save your life when you need it the most. Provided you know how these life hack survival tricks work. Pay attention as you read them, master all the survival tricks and tips, and apply them when you must to save yourself.

1) Dealing with a headache

Soak your hands and feet in a basin of warm water while keeping an ice pack on your head. Doing this will draw blood from your head and relieve you of your headache. This is true; an everyday life useful life hacks to master.

2) Get relief from a toothache – survival tricks and tips at home

This is a life hack survival tip that can help you at home. Crush up some dried cloves and add olive oil to make a paste. Apply the mixture onto a cotton ball and hold it against your painful tooth. Doing this will reduce pain and swelling until you can see a dentist.

3) Get relief from insect bites – perfect survival tips for the wilderness

Hold the inside of a banana peel over your insect bites to make swelling and itching subside. It works because banana peels are rich in antioxidants and have potent antibacterial properties.

Though this life hack survival trick is perfect for survival tips for the wilderness, it will not help you if you cannot find a banana in nature. However, if you are in some tropical regions like the Philippines, where you can find bananas every few kilometers, you will be lucky.

4) Stop bleeding from shaving nicks

In the absence of a styptic pencil, apply roll-on deodorant on shaving nicks. Most roll-on deodorants have aluminum chloride to stop bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes.

5) Heal bruises more quickly – everyday life useful life hacks

Soak a piece of cotton with apple cider vinegar. Then, hold it against your bruise and tape it in place. Remove it after 4 hours or once the vinegar has dried up. The ACV will help speed up the healing process.

6) Removing a deep-seated splinter – living survival tricks and tips

If you get a splinter that you cannot easily remove with your hand or a pair of tweezers, take a small glass, turn it upside down, and hold a flame inside it. Remove the flame and immediately hold the glass down over your splinter. It will create a vacuum that will draw the splinter out.

This is not only one of practical and straightforward everyday life useful life hacks, but it is also a good survival tip for the wildness, especially if you have a survival kit with you.

7) Avoid suffocating during a fire

Another amazing life hack that could save your life is knowing what to do when there is fire and smoke. Soak a towel or clothing in water and hold that up to your face while escaping a fire. Breathing through the wet fabric will filter out smoke and allow you to inhale cleaner air.

8) Protect yourself during an earthquake

During an earthquake, do not hide directly under a table. Instead, curl yourself up at one side of the table, right beside the posts. If heavy debris falls and breaks the table, you are at the most vital spot and less likely to get crushed.

9) Signal SOS during an emergency

Emergency personnel and others trained in Morse code will recognize audio and visual SOS calls, an international distress signal, or call for help. To do this with a flashlight, use 3 short flashes, then 3 long flashes, and then end with another 3 short flashes. This life hack survival trick may not be appropriate for everyone, but it could be a lifesaver for those who understand this.

10) Make water safe for drinking

Take an empty plastic bottle and cut off the base. Stuff the lip tightly with gauze or a clean piece of cloth. Add charcoal and alternating layers of sand and stone. Water that passes through this DIY water filter should be safer for drinking.

This is one of the perfect survival tips for the wilderness. But also a life hack survival tip that can apply at home or anywhere you can find water unsafe to drink.

11) Make a stove from cans – survival tips for the wilderness

Take a can and cut up equidistant slits from the lip to make 8 tabs. Fold in alternating tabs to make a stand. Then, cut off a hole towards the bottom of one side. Insert twigs through the hole and start a fire. To cook, place another empty can on the stand as a pot. You can also use this to boil water. Indeed, amazing life hacks that could save your life no matter where you are.

12) Start a fire with battery and foil

Get a piece of foil: Such as a gum wrapper, and hold each end of a double-A battery. The heat generated by the foil from the battery’s energy will start a fire. Hold the foil against fast-catching materials like dry leaves and twigs.

This works as everyday life useful life hacks and survival tips for the wilderness—once you know the tricks, you can apply them anywhere.

Concluding thoughts on 12 amazing life hacks that could save your life

These 12 life hack survival tips can save your life whenever you are in a situation to apply them as survival tips for the wilderness or simply as everyday life useful life hacks.

What matters the most is understanding how these life survival tricks and tips work and having the right mind to apply them when you need them the most. They will help you survive both the daily obstacles we often encounter and extreme emergencies. Keep these in mind and be able to recall them when you need them most—for your survival.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you. And those are your 12 amazing life hacks that could save your life—when you need them most.

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