Cheating Spouse – Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Cheating spouse, 8 Signs your spouse is cheating on you. Do you have a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you but have no way to be sure? Yes, the term cheating spouse confronted may sound like a cliche. But asking your partner straight on can be one way to find out.

However, there is no guarantee that your spouse will answer your questions honestly. So, how do you catch a cheating spouse?

Playing detective may sound intriguing, but the best and cheapest solution to getting a cheating spouse exposed may be to confront him or her. Asking your spouse straight out about your suspicion can put him or her on the spot.

Often, putting people on the spot when they least expected can make them talk. In other words, how to catch a cheating spouse may hinge on confrontation and not sidestepping the issue.

So, what should you do? In this article, we will share with you 8 apparent signs your spouse is cheating on you. Plus, obvious warning signs that you should look out for to know if your spouse is cheating. These are signs that will help you decide whether to confront him or her and in what form.

1. Your partner’s texting habits are far from usual:

If your spouse does not text too often before but has suddenly turned into a texting machine, you have a cheating spouse. When you must keep your eyes on the spouse constantly because he or she is always fidgeting with the phone—that is one of the obvious signs your spouse is cheating on you.

These are signs that your partner might be on to something. Aside from the frequency of texting, you should also observe if your spouse is texting at unusual places and times.

If you noticed that your partner goes to the bathroom or stays up late at night to text, you should consider this a red flag. Moreover, another warning sign is if you noticed that your spouse is highly secretive when it comes to texting.

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2. Your spouse starts to work longer hours and becomes secretive about work and finances:

If you ask most people about how to catch a cheating spouse, more often, they will ask you if he or she works late hours. One of the most common excuses of cheaters is that they are working overtime.

If this new habit becomes a pattern, it could easily be one of the eight signs your spouse is cheating on you. That coupled with being secretive about what went on at work. Being too secretive about finances could also be a sign that there is something fishy going on.

3. Your spouse’s mood changes drastically:

Cheaters are often consumed by guilt, which is why they may show drastic mood changes. This will be a clear warning sign if your partner is not like this before. Spouses who usually cheat pick up fights because they are guilty of something. They do this as a way of getting away to spend more time with their other partner.

When a spouse is always looking for ways to pick up a fight, something is going on. This is the type of situation you see when a spouse knows that they are busted and are looking for a way out. If you have watched the program cheating spouse confronted, you probably have seen this sign.

In such a situation where his or her actions are obvious, confrontation to know the truth may be wise. Quite literarily, catching a cheating spouse may sometimes involve taking bold steps, and confrontation may be the answer in such a situation.

4. Your spouse is acting like a different person – a good sign of a cheating spouse:

After spending a lot of time together, you will surely know your spouse’s likes and dislikes. If you noticed that your partner seems like a completely different person, then something is up.

If this happens, you should investigate the underlying reasons because this change might be one of the clear signs your spouse is cheating on you.

5. Your partner sets or changes passwords on devices or apps:

If suddenly and frequently, your partner sets or changes his or her password. This could be on his or her smartphone, laptop, or other devices. Doing this often is a glaring sign that they do not want you to know about something.

Of course, this only matters if you two share passwords and do not mind each other knowing the other’s passwords before the spouse becomes so secretive about their passwords.

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6. Your partner acts differently when it comes to sex:

Signs your spouse is cheating on you is entirely in the open and obvious when a spouse acts differently in bed or denies their spouse intimacy.

One of the most significant and most noticeable signs of a cheating spouse is when a spouse who used to enjoy sex suddenly does not. When he or she starts giving excuses not to be intimate, signs are your spouse is cheating. He or she is getting it from somewhere else.

Another trick on how to catch a cheating spouse could mean paying attention to their new sexual preferences—because it might tell you a lot. For example, if your partner suddenly wants to try new things in bed, it could be a sign. However, they may be an innocent reason for this newfound desire.

But more important, how he or she plays a part in that newfound desire will tell you all you need to know. If you have been with your spouse for a long time, you can quickly tell if your partner is experiencing something for the first time or not.

Do not get me wrong; it is most likely that there are more sinister reasons for the change. Since there may be several reasons behind this change, you must investigate carefully. That way, it may be at least helpful in getting cheating spouses exposed sooner than later.

7. Your partner now has a desire to look more physically attractive:

Like the other signs mentioned, there may also be other explanations behind this; however, if your partner is more conscious of their physical appearance. Then there are excellent and apparent signs your spouse is cheating on you.

If this and other signs are displayed, often you may have a problem. Typically, people seeking new relationships have a stronger desire to improve their appearance—and trying to improve their appearance could mean that you have a cheating spouse.

8. Your spouse has a new hobby and does not let you take part in:

How to catch a cheating spouse, you ask? Well, this one takes the cake. Imagine your spouse refusing to let you in on his or her new hobby. It is okay for your partner to have a hobby that excludes you. But if your spouse devotes unusually long hours to this hobby and does not even talk about it, this could be an area of concern.

If instead of letting you follow along on his or her progress, your partner shuts out. Or always have vague answers when you ask about the new hobby. Watch out for the obvious signs your spouse is cheating on you if this continues.

Final thoughts on cheating spouse:

There are no definitive signs that your spouse is cheating on you. Despite this, there are always some things that will get your radar up. By knowing the signals shared here about these 8 signs your spouse is cheating on you–you will be able to get hints quicker.

When your spouse is having an affair, you should be the first to know.  Although it is okay to stay vigilant, you must make sure that you do not carelessly jump to conclusions. Doing everything possible to get a cheating spouse exposed is noble. But it would be best if you approached it with caution. Otherwise, your quest to discover the signs that your spouse is cheating on you could be your nightmare.

Good luck! And a happy relationship. Trade careful and do not make hasty judgments—and that is how to catch a cheating spouse.

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