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7 Survival Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life

7 survival life hacks that could save your life

7 survival life hacks that could save your life. Emergency life hacks are the best type of life hacks because they are the tips that people need when their lives are at a stake. In other words, these are the survival tips for desperate times. Below are 7 survival life hacks that could save your life during an emergency.

1. Turning triple A batteries into double A batteries.

You should always have extra batteries around that you can use in the event of an emergency. One life hack that involves batteries teaches how to use triple A batteries for a product that requires double A batteries.

The first step is to insert the triple-A batteries into the slot for double A batteries. Next, use tin foil for the gaps between the connectors and the batteries. By doing this, the electric charge will be carried over and will power the product.

2. Using cloth and two containers to filter water.

If you are in great need for clean water, you can cover one container with a clean cloth and then put the unclean water into the other container. By pouring the unclean water from one container into the other one with a cloth, dirt will be easily filtered. However, it is important to note that this filtered water is not guaranteed to be safe to drink. To make the water drinkable, first, boil the water and let it cool before drinking.

3. Use a seat belt buckle or other hard objects to break through the window of a sinking car.

When it comes to survival life hacks that could save your life knowing how to break through a window of sinking car is right up there, because many people don’t know that trying to open the door of a submerged car is very hard. If you are in an accident and you are in a sinking car. Do not force to open the door because you will waste your energy. The water pressure will keep you from opening the car door regardless of how strong you are. What is recommended for you to do is use a hard object such as a seatbelt buckle to break the car window to escape.

4. You can charge your phone using a 9-volt battery.

If you get stranded and you need to charge your phone but there are no outlets, take your car charger and a 9-volt battery. Touch the end of your car charger on the positive side of the battery, and then place a key on the negative side. Although this will not get your phone up to a fully-charged state, it can charge it enough for you to make an emergency call.

5. Clench your fists when you’re being tied up.

When you are being tied up, clench your fists as tight as you can so the muscles will expand when the rope is being tied around your hands. What this does is that it will help you escape later on. Once your hands are relaxed assuming you are free to escape, you can be able to slip through the rope more easily and escape. Remember that this will depend on how strongly you clenched your hands and how strong you are to be able to free yourself. In any case, your chances of escaping will increase if you do everything right.

6. Use your keys to defend yourself when you are being attacked.

Out of the 7 survival life, hacks that could save your life, being able to defend yourself with your keys is probably the hack most people can relate to easily. When facing an attacker, don’t wrap your fist around your keys and place them between your fingers. Instead, put the keys in one direct line and keep it in position using your palm making sure that the sharp edge in pointing forward. This will prevent the keys from slipping through and help you jab at the attacker more effectively.

7. Crayons can be used as candles.

If there is a power outage and you run out of candles, you can use crayons as a replacement because they are also made from wax. A regular crayon can burn for up to half an hour.

These are just 7 survival life hacks that could save your life in case of an emergency. You’ll never know when unfortunate events will occur, so it is extremely helpful to know these simple tips and tricks.

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