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7 Obvious Signs Your Doctor Is a Quack – Quack Doctor Signs

obvious signs your doctor is a quack
  • Publish Date: 09-11-2017 / 12:55 PM
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7 obvious signs your doctor is a quack – quack doctor signs. With the rise of alternative medicine, there has been a rise in quack doctors with medications prescribed without any underlying reasons to do so. Don’t fall prey to quacks, pay attention to these 7 quack doctors signs. Below are 7 obvious signs your doctor is a quack

  • 1 – No tests: Standard quackery practice is to have some remedies which are supposed to be needed by everyone without doing any testing. If a doctor prescribed you a remedy most of the time without doing the relevant test, chances are, you are dealing with a quack.
  • 2 – No Knowledge: Your doctor may be a quack if he or she could not answer simple medical questions. For example, how does the medicine works? Surprisingly few people ask these simple and obvious questions. How does it work, is it proven to work, how effective is it, how long does it take, etc. Quacks will not have the necessary information and be revealed quite quickly simply by asking few of these simple questions.
  • 3 – All in the Head: If the doctor says something along the lines of; “it’s all in your head.” What this means is that the necessary cure and the information needed is most certainly not in his or her head, and that is clearly obvious signs your doctor is a quack. It is an admission that the doctor has no idea as to what you are dealing with. It is an obvious and logical fallback when a quack is not sure what to do. It is much easier to blame another person than to face personal inadequacies.
  • 4 – No mention of Sleep, Lifestyle, Nutrition or Digestion: The fundamental building blocks of health and wellness are how well you digest food, how well you sleep, your stress levels, and what nutrients you are consuming. If your doctor does not ask you these questions if your ailment is closely related to these, the chances are that he or she has no clue and may not be able to help you.
  • 5 – Medication Nation: If you happen to be on a medication roller coaster of more than 3 or 4 drugs for normal and occasional illness, chances are experiencing one of the 7 obvious signs your doctor is a quack. There are two quacks, the new age quack, and the pharmaceutical quack. Do not go to either extreme. Too many unnecessary pills are worse than some homeopathic medicines, which are simply ineffective.
  • 6 – Your Doctor is Unhealthy: Why would you take advice from someone who cannot manage his or her health? Your doctor should practice what he or she preaches. It is a clear sign that your doctor is not a health expert if he or she is giving you advice on how to lose weight while he or she is obese.
  • 7 – Timing: Research is showing that doctors are spending less time with patients than ever before. A doctor who prescribes lifelong medication for serious illnesses after spending just five minutes with you is a quack, plain and simple. Your doctor should spend the time to talk to you and fully understand your health conditions, for him or her to properly treat your condition properly. If your doctor doesn’t spend the necessary time to diagnose your conditions, that right there is a quack doctors signs.

Most doctors are good and knowledgeable about their profession. Unfortunately, there are all type of Quacks out there, those who never studied medicine, “the con artists,” and those who studied, but too lazy to practice medicine. These two categories are clearly quack doctor signs, that anybody could easily spot, so pay attention and don’t fall prey.

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