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Thursday 18 Jul 2019 / 3:42 PM

7 Mistakes Every Parent Should Avoid

mistakes every parent should avoid

7 mistakes every parent should avoid. The following are 7 mistakes that every parent should avoid at all costs. Parenting is a difficult task, but there are some things which can make the process a whole lot easier. Here are 7 mistakes every parent should avoid.

  • 1 – Hard Parenting: Many were and still are, of the belief that a child needs a firm hand. Hard parenting may be good in some circumstances, but tender loving care can’t be ignored either. There are times when strict rules are okay, but corporal punishment at all times is not a good way to raise a child. Understanding when to be tough, and when to let certain things slide is crucial in raising a well-balanced child. A balanced approach to child rearing is a hallmark of good parenting. It is never easy to raise a child, but best parents learn from every mistake. Don’t turn your child into a bully by the way you treat him or her. Show him or her how much you love and care for them, but also, make it clear to them that certain behavior cannot go unpunished.
  • 2 – Over Influencing: Every parent should be proud of their child no matter what they do. However, most parents view their children as their miniature dolls to mold. Parents trying to over influence their children sometimes do have dreadful consequences for the child as he or she grows up and tries to fulfill mommy and daddy’s dream of having a lawyer/doctor/professor son or daughter. Love them, influence them as much as possible, but don’t rule their lives. Push but don’t control, encourage, but let them decide who they want to be. This indeed is unquestionably one of the 7 mistakes every parent should avoid.
  • 3 – Seeing only Verbal Ques: When dealing with children, nonverbal cues are more important than verbal ones. Do not always take the comments of the child at face value but analyze other factors. Action speaks louder than words, but words matter a lot as well. Weigh their nonverbal and verbal actions together as a well to properly evaluate their actions.
  • 4 – Taking Sides: Do not encourage your child to take sides with comments such as “Who is your favorite” etc. The role of good cop bad cop is often played out in parenting roles with a strict parent and a playful parent to balance it out. Parent together, cohesion is much better than divisive parenting, for both the parents and the child.
  • 5 – Listen: Wait for your child to finish his or her sentences fully. The child needs to feel that his/her opinions and views have been expressed before being cut off quickly. Both children and adults have a fundamental need to express themselves. Let your child feel loved and appreciated. Learn to listen to them whether they make sense or not. You don’t have to agree or approve, but at least listen.
  • 6 – Full attention: Pay full attention to your child when he or she is talking to you. Be entirely present with them at all times. On some level, they are aware that you are not really with them when you are multitasking or listening to the radio while they are expressing themselves. If you make a habit of ignoring your child, he or she may not come to you when he or she has genuine issues that need your attention.
  • 7 – Be careful with your words: Do not say bad or nasty things. No matter how bad a day you are having or how irritating children can be, the words you say could have a profound effect that lasts for decades. It is impossible to know what goes on in a child’s world. But toxic words can destroy a child’s self-esteem for a long time, good parenting mistakes to avoid.

Parenting is one the most difficult jobs out there, full of trials and errors. There is nothing as a perfect parent; many try hard and fail, some succeed by not even trying. Whichever the parenting fence you fall under, it is good to know and familiarize yourself with these 7 mistakes every parent should avoid

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