Top 5 Stomach Skin Tightening Home Remedies

stomach skin tightening home remedies
  • Publish Date: 18-10-2021 / 12:33 AM
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Stomach skin tightening home remedies: Have you lost weight or just had a baby and do not know what to do about your saggy stomach skin? Do not fret because there is a way to tackle it quicker at home by skin tightening on stomach remedies.

Tightening stomach skin after weight loss or birth is not easy, but doable with skin tightening on stomach home remedies. This article will share five easy to prepare stomach skin tightening home remedies to help you solve your saggy skin problems.

When you have lost a significant amount of fat around your belly, it is natural for the skin around it to appear saggy. No amount of ab exercises can make that look taut again. The best and the quickest solution is to nourish the skin, improve its elasticity, and speed up its rejuvenation process.

And that is exactly what expensive treatments do. But if you are on a budget or prefer more natural options, here are skin tightening on stomach home remedies that would nourish and improve the elasticity of your saggy skins.

1) Bentonite Clay & Milk Mask

Bentonite clay does not just clear your skin of impurities but also tightens the skin. According to an experimental study led by researchers from the University of Sao Paulo, it also boosts collagen production. Milk will help further nourish the skin and keep it supple.


  • 1/4 cup Bentonite Clay Powder
  • 1 tbsp. Full Cream Powdered Milk
  • 1/4 cup Water


  • Combine all the ingredients in a non-metal bowl.
  • Stir until you have a smooth paste.
  • In the shower, apply the paste all over your belly.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water.
  • Towel dry and apply your choice of firming cream or moisturizing lotion.

2) Egg White Mask – a good skin tightening on stomach remedy

According to The Derm Review, egg whites offer several benefits when applied to the skin. The egg white will help boost hydration and nourish it with the necessary proteins to plump up the skin. Adding honey to the mixture will increase its antioxidant power and encourage the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

Egg white mask is trendy for stomach skin tightening home remedies. Many rely on it because of its many skin rejuvenating properties, but also because it works.


  • Whites of 2 eggs
  • 4 tbsp. Raw Honey


  • Combine the ingredients and whisk until smooth.
  • Apply the mixture all over your stomach.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes or until completely dry.
  • Wash off with warm water and bathe with your usual bath soap.
  • Apply a moisturizing lotion.

3) Sugar Scrub with Almond Oil – perfect for tightening stomach skin after weight loss

According to an article published by the American Academy of Dermatology in 2015, exfoliation helps make the skin tauter and healthier by removing dead skin cells and boosting collagen production. It also helps the skin absorb moisturizing treatments better. Additionally, almond oil helps smoothen and renew skin, and sugar scrub is a good skin tightening on stomach home remedy.


  • 1/2 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1/4 cup Sweet Almond Oil


  • Combine sugar and oil in a container.
  • Take a small portion of the mixture at a time and apply it to your stomach.
  • Massage in circular motions and pay special attention to the saggiest parts. Do not rub too hard, or you risk breaking your skin.
  • Once you have covered your entire stomach, rinse it off thoroughly. The sweet almond oil should keep you moisturized but feel free to apply some lotion if you want to lock in even more moisture.

4) Coconut Oil Massage – a better stomach skin tightening home remedies

In a 2017 article published by PLOS One, researchers determined that massage therapy is enough to boost skin renewal and improve wrinkles and saggy skin. The effects are even better when combined with an anti-aging product. In this case, it is coconut oil, which has long been proven to have many benefits to the skin.


  • 2 tbsp. Virgin Coconut Oil


  • Pop the oil in the microwave for just enough time to make it warm, not hot. It will take approximately 10 seconds on a high setting.
  • Make sure the oil is not too hot before applying it to your skin.
  • Rub it in between your palms and apply it to your stomach.
  • Massage for at least 5 minutes.
  • Do not wash off. Leave it on until your next shower.

5) Cucumber and Rosemary Treatment

Cucumber and rosemary are good skin tightening on stomach home remedy that has worked for many. According to a study published by The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, cucumbers have remarkable properties that hydrate cells and improve skin health.

That is why they are a popular ingredient in anti-aging products. Additionally, rosemary essential oil was proven by researchers from Italy’s University of Catania to have potent skin elasticity and hydration effects. For an effective tightening stomach skin after weight loss treatment—try cucumber and rosemary treatment.


  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 tbsp. Rosemary Oil


  • Use a food processor to blend the cucumber until smooth.
  • Pour in rosemary oil and combine gently.
  • Apply the mixture across your belly and leave it on for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off thoroughly but do not soap.

Last thoughts on stomach skin tightening home remedies

Lasers, tummy tucks, and other cosmetic treatments typically cost you thousands of dollars before you are contented with the results. Although these 5-skin tightening on stomach home remedies take longer, they are easy to work into your weekly self-care routine. Second, they are inexpensive, and they do work if you are dedicated and consistent with your applications.

Tightening stomach skin after weight loss is never easy, but the five mentioned home remedy solutions would help you get there in no time if you stay with it and with ultimate dedication. And the good news is, they barely cause a dent in your budget. Try them and see how taut you can get your skin all by yourself at practically no cost.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are five stomach skin tightening home remedies that can work for anybody, at home, safely.

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