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5 Sings Of too Much Salt In The Body

sings of too much salt in the body
  • Publish Date: 10-11-2017 / 11:03 AM
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5 Sings of too much salt in the body. It is true that a certain amount of sodium in our diet is good for a healthy functioning body. However, the issue at present is that there is simply too much salt in the food supply., mainly in processed foods, we are all so fond of eating.

Too much sodium wreaks havoc on the body. Are you safe from your diet, and what are the signs of too much salt in diet that you should watch out for? The following are 5 signs of too much salt in the body that you must know about.

  • Sign One – Brain Fog: One of the main signs of too much sodium intake is a poorly functioning mind. As per a large Canadian study, people with a higher intake of sodium had a greater chance of cognitive decline than those on a lower sodium diet. For those who are aging it is more important to eat less salt.
  • Sign Two – Thirst: The most obvious sign of too much salt in the body or too much sodium intake is if you are thirsty constantly. Water can act as a countermeasure for excessive sodium in the body. Sodium messes with the fluid balance in the body. If you take in more sodium, then you need to take in more water to balance it out.
  • Sign Three – Kidney Stones: Too much salt will hinder the correct functioning of the kidneys. The result of this could well be kidney stones. According to health authorities, increased salt in the diet will lead to increased protein in the urine. More protein in urine has been found to be a major risk factor for kidney disease. If you have any pain in the kidneys, try cutting down on salt intake.
  • Sign Four – High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is not a good sign. It is an indicator of many modern-day diseases and is best to keep low at all costs. According to the American heart association, Americans consume over twice as much salt as the recommended daily intake. The extra sodium will increase blood pressure, making the heart pump harder. Following a low sodium diet can lower blood pressure.
  • Sign Five – Swelling: Salt causes the body to retain fluids. So, you might notice that the stomach, in particular, happens to be bulging out due to the increased amount of fluid in the body. But the swelling can appear anywhere, even in strange places such as the fingers and chest.

These are five signs of too much salt in the body that are the most typical signs that your intake of sodium is simply too high. The solution is simple. Cut down on salty processed foods and increase water intake to balance out the excess sodium. Live healthily, avoid symptoms and signs of too much salt in the body.

We all love our foods to taste it’s best, however, sometimes, what tastes good can also kill you. So watch out for processed foods that are loaded with salts because your life depends on it.

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