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Thursday 18 Jul 2019 / 3:33 PM

5 Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You Anymore

signs your crush doesn't like you anymore

5 signs your crush doesn’t like you anymore. Figuring out if your crush likes you or not can be difficult. The following are five of the telltale signs your crush doesn’t like you anymore. Pay attention to the signs and do not fool yourself into making a fool of yourself. When he or she starts acting differently around you it could be signs your crush doesn’t like you anymore.

  • 1 – You are the Instigator: If you find that you are the one to text, to call, to chat online and to start the conversation all the time, then most likely your crush is not into you. It can be confusing sometimes to gauge if someone is shy, or that they don’t care. Do not make contact and wait and see how long it takes them to get in touch. If it takes them longer than two days then most likely your crush does not like you.
  • 2 – Body Language: Body language says a lot. Often somebody can appear to be nice and interested when they simply want something from you. But body language says a lot more and is very difficult to fake. Pay attention to how their body moves when interacting with them. It may be incongruent with what they are saying when they crossed the street to avoid you and then later say they did not see you. It may not add up to tell the full story one time, however, if the pattern continues, it is likely that your crush does not like you.
  • 3 – Self Absorbed: One of the telltale signs your crush doesn’t like you anymore is self-absorption. Lots of men and women like being adored and admired by others and some of us can be self-absorbed sometimes. If you noticed that your crush is not overly interested in what you have to say most of the times, then, the chances are that he or she is not that interested in you. Do not give away your power and feed their ego. They might talk to you when they are having a bad day or when they need an ego boost, only because they like the attention and the compliments. Do not feed into these energy vampires.
  • 4 – Friend Zone: Some people might not see dating in the same terms you do. They could treat you as one of the groups, just one of the guys or the gals. So, while it may mean more for you, it could be nothing to them. Observe how he or she interacts with other people. You might notice that what you thought was special treatment was simply just the person being him or herself.
  • 5 – No Energy: You might find that your perfect online crush is ideal for you on paper. Only to meet in person and discover little in common whatsoever. Do not settle for a paper relationship. Fire and attraction are the necessary elements for a successful relationship, not simply checking a box. Do not settle for the other person, and make sure the other person is not simply settling for you using the same defeatist technique.

Now that you know, watch out for the obvious signs your crush do actually like you more. Though these signs are mostly accurate, there may be some circumstances where the other person is having a bad day, and their actions may not be a clear reflection of how they feel. So before you reach a conclusion that the signs you perceive, actually sign your crush doesn’t like you anymore, think twice before you rush to judgment.

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