5 Health Benefits of Garlic Water

health benefits of garlic water

Health benefits of garlic water every day. You may have heard of the benefits of garlic in water before, but do you know why you should take it or what it can do for your health? In this article, you will learn 5 things that garlic water can do to improve your overall health in ways you never expected—the true benefit of garlic water.

For thousands of years, garlic has been used in traditional medicine because of its potent health effects. Even scientific studies have repeatedly proven that garlic is beneficial in treating and preventing several human illnesses, including heart disease, digestive issues, and even cancer.

What is good is that you do not need to consume a lot of it to enjoy the health benefits of garlic water. We will go through each one of the benefits of garlic in water. And after that, towards the end of this article, there is a tip on how to take garlic water.

The benefit of garlic water – health effects of taking garlic water daily

1) Better digestion

In a study published by Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine in 2014, garlic is cited as a traditional medicinal plant with various therapeutic roles in the human body. Among others, it supports digestive health. By improving gut health, it allows for better nutrient absorption, and it also helps encourage a healthy bowel movement.

Additionally, it helps treat a variety of digestive issues, including bloating and acidity. Though one of the garlic water health benefits is to help digestive issues, it is not advisable to use it to treat acid reflux disease.

2) Improved cardiovascular health – a benefit of garlic water

Many studies and research reviews have already covered the positive effects of garlic consumption on heart health. Among the most relevant ones is a study review led by a researcher from Germany’s University of Munich. In the review, the researcher noted how garlic’s general effects – including lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose – are essential to preventing, treating, and controlling cardiovascular disorders.

Yes, indeed. One of the best health benefits of garlic water is its effect on your health, particularly your cardiovascular health, in preventing heart disease and stroke.

3) Clearer skin – garlic water health benefits for those who spend lots of time outdoors

According to an article published by the National Integrated Health Associates, garlic is remarkably effective as a detoxifying ingredient. It helps the body get rid of toxins through a compound called sulfhydryl. As you take garlic, you can cleanse your blood and body. That leads to some health benefits, including clearer and healthier skin.

For those who care much about their skins, one of the benefits of garlic in water treatment you can enjoy is healthier and clearer skins.

4) Higher resistance in fighting flu and the common cold

In 2015, AYU published an in vitro study demonstrating garlic’s potent antimicrobial effects. By consuming it, your body can fight against common diseases like the common cold and flu. In the study, garlic also proved effective in fighting common but severe bacterial pathogens, including K. pneumonia and E. coli. Yes, the benefit of garlic water is that it helps you fight the flu and the common cold.

5) Lower risk of cancer – benefits of garlic in water

In 2003, Phytotherapy Research published a study concerning the antioxidant effects of garlic. Through this study, the researchers found that taking small doses of raw garlic has incredible effects on fighting free radicals in the body.

That does not just make it an excellent food for slowing down the aging process but fighting cancer. The most impressive anti-cancer effects of garlic consumption are on cases of stomach and colon cancer. For cancer, heart disease, and more, the benefits of garlic in water are excellent.

How to Take Garlic Water

Take half a clove of raw garlic, chew it raw, and flush it down with a whole glass of water. Do this first thing in the morning when you have not consumed anything else. In doing so, you can maximize its effects.

Your mouth may smell of garlic, so, therefore it is wise to do this before brushing your teeth in the morning. Brushing and rinsing your mouth with a mouth wash will take care of the foul smell in your mouth.

Concluding thoughts on health benefits of garlic water

Now that you know the benefits of garlic in water treatments, your next move will be to find a way to take it and be consistent with it. However, garlic’s pungent flavor might not be too appealing for everybody to try. However, the science-backed garlic water health benefits far outweigh any uneasiness you might feel about the taste.

Besides, once you gulp down the water, you will hardly notice the garlic—especially after brushing and rinsing your mouth. When you do this daily and consistently, you will notice the cumulative benefit of garlic water and the health effects you will get from such a small and inexpensive effort.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you! And those are five health benefits of garlic water, backed by science.

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