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5 Foods That Can Increase Breast Size Quickly

  • Publish Date: 10-11-2017 / 11:55 AM
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5 Foods that can increase breast size quickly. The size of a woman’s breasts is influenced by a variety of factors including genetics, age, and hormones. However, many people don’t know that diet also plays some role in how big a woman’s breasts get. If you are interested in gaining bigger breasts size, below are 5 foods that can increase breast size quickly. The five foods below are not all the foods, but they are considered the best foods to eat for gaining bigger breasts

  • 1. Seeds and nutsSeeds contain the phytoestrogen lignin, which can mimic the hormone estrogen in your body. Among the various kinds of seeds, fenugreek, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, fennel seeds, and sesame seeds have the highest lignin content. What’s great about lignin is that it doesn’t only contribute to increasing your breast size, but also minimizes your risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases.Aside from seeds, you should also consider adding nuts to your diet as they contain protein, healthy fats, and isoflavones—an estrogen-like compound. Some examples of isoflavone-rich foods include peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and chestnuts.
  • 2. Dairy productsDairy products such as cheese and milk have hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin, which is a hormone produced by mothers when they are breastfeeding. The same hormones are also responsible for enlarging breasts tissues, making it possible for your breasts to grow bigger naturally.
  • 3. Soy productsA lot has been said about soy products and most are to very good, however, soy is one of the foods that can increase breast size quickly. Adding soy products to your diet can increase your breast size because of the genistein and isoflavone content of soybeans. Depending on your preference, you may consume this in different forms such as soya milk and soya cubes.
  • 4. SeafoodSeafood, particularly shellfish, oysters, seaweed, and prawns, have high levels of manganese. This mineral contributes to ensuring that the body’s thyroid and sex hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen, are functioning properly. Aside from the regulation of hormones that results in an increase in cup size, some seafood such as oysters are also aphrodisiacs.
  • 5. Protein-rich foodEating foods that contain high levels of protein, such as milk, chicken, eggs, and lean meats can boost your cup size naturally.If you are tired of your small breasts, you might want to seriously consider these 5 foods that can increase breast size quickly. If you want to play it safe, and save money at the same time, you should give our lists of best foods to eat for bigger breasts a try. Good luck to you, and happy bigger breasts.

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