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3 Exercises Before Bedtime to Promote Sleep

Exercises before bedtime to promote sleep

3 Exercises before bedtime to promote sleep. Forget about counting sheep to help you sleep. These three exercises that you can perform before bedtime will relax your mind and body. They will help you ease your way into dreamland. Here are the 3 exercises before bedtime to promote sleep that anybody can safely do at home.

  • 1. Simple bodyweight exercises. As you perform this type of exercise before bed to help with sleep, your temperature will increase and then drop after your routine. Yes, your temperature will go up, then drops, helping you fall asleep faster. About an hour before going to bed, perform a few sets of crunches, as well as a leg, raises to ease the tightness in your hips. Doing this will help you breathe methodically and as a consequence, fall asleep fast. 
  • Aside from these two forms of bodyweight workouts, you may also want to perform some lunges. However, it is important to keep in mind that when doing these exercises, you shouldn’t make sudden movements. Sudden movements will get your heart rate too high which is not good before falling asleep. Just take it slow and perform easy sets of the mentioned exercises.
  • 2. Do some breathing exercises. While performing some deep-breathing exercises, always maintain your proper posture. You may either sit straight or lie down in your bed. The key here is to keep your spine straight. Perform belly breathing, which is slow deep breathing that begins at your diaphragm. Fill your stomach with air such that it sticks out, and then allow the oxygen to expand from below your chest cavity and towards your throat. 
  • To do your breathing exercise, inhale for three seconds, hold it for two, and then slowly exhale for about 4 seconds. For this breathing exercise to work, make sure that you perform this with a relaxed mind. Don’t do it while browsing the internet or watching a movie.
  • 3. Perform easy yoga and stretching exercises. Yoga is part of the 3 exercises before bedtime to promote sleep. Any simple yoga poses and stretching exercises for your knees, shoulders, ankles, and hips are the best. They will release tension from your most-stressed joints and muscles. In effect, helping you fall asleep. Your stretching exercises can be as simple as a butterfly stretch—the point is to get a stretch, but not to the point of feeling pain
  • As for your yoga exercises before bedtime, you must avoid poses that stress your body too much and those that require inversion wherein your head is upside-down. Instead, stick to the easy ones that will relax your mind and body. And will help bring you to a state of drowsiness.

By performing these three simple exercises before bedtime to promote sleep, you will surely be able to sleep better. Wake up feeling energized and refreshed. Do these regularly, and you will always be ready to face the new day ahead. You will maintain a healthy body and sound mind as a result. These 3 exercises before bedtime can work for anybody who dedicates themselves to doing them regularly and efficiently.  Happy sound sleeping!

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