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3 Bedtime Rituals That Will Make You Look 20 Years Younger – Nighttime Routines For Better Sleep

Nighttime routines for better sleep

3 Bedtime rituals that will make you look 20 years younger – nighttime routines for better sleep. The regeneration of our body cells occurs more efficiently overnight. During sleep, our body recovers, and cells are repaired and rebuilt from daily stress. When we sleep good and are well rested, our minds are rejuvenated and we tend to look younger and healthier. To sleep better and look younger than your age, adapt these few proven nighttime routines for better sleep that will work for almost anybody.

  • 1. Take a nice bath.Who doesn’t like a nice bath before bedtime? Perhaps you are already doing this, but to make the most out of it, here are some tips for nighttime routines to look younger and sleep better.Do a dry body brushing, by making gentle strokes and circles on your body. Dry body brushing will essentially make you look younger because it removes dead skin cells, and can stimulate circulation, which means oxygen and other important nutrients will be able to flow through your body more effectively. Also, it can promote lymphatic drainage that eliminates cellulite.

    Before getting into the tub, add bath salt into the water to replenish your skin with minerals, get rid of toxins, as well as promote circulation and hydration. Aside from bath salt, it is also recommended to add a few drops of essential oils, such as lavender, for better relaxation and add radiance to your skin.

    While in the tub, apply an effective conditioning treatment on your hair to repair its damages. You must also thoroughly wash your body with moisturizing body soap that is appropriate for your specific skin type.

  • 2. Good steam.Other nighttime routines for better sleep is good hot steam before bed. Having good steam can open up your pores, release the impurities on your skin, and help your skin care products penetrate more effectively; thereby, producing the best results.To do this, simply hold your head over steaming water for approximately 5 to 15 minutes. For a better outcome, you can also add a few drops of essential oil into the steaming water. Jasmine oil has anti-aging benefits, while lavender is ideal for the soothing sensitive skin.

    Alternatively, you can microwave a soaked flannel for about 20 seconds, and then use it to pat your face. Doing so will loosen dirt, oil, and sweat.

  • 3. Face yoga.Instead of simply applying moisturizers on your face, combine it with a few minutes of face yoga. Face yoga will not only enhance product absorption, but will also promote circulation, production of collagen, removal of toxins, and muscle tension relief. By gently massaging your whole face, you will be able to avoid getting wrinkles and will help you sleep better.If you believe that these nighttime routines for better sleep are merely a luxury, think again. They are essential to keeping your skin and body healthy. Perform these nighttime routines for better sleep to keep you looking younger and healthier.

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