10-Minutes HIIT Workout at Home

10 Minutes HIIT workout at home: What is the most efficient exercise regimen that gets you the most results in the shortest amount of time? I am talking about an exercise regimen that helps burn fat quicker and flatten your stomach. In this article, you will learn about 10 minutes HIIT workout regimens that work and how to utilize them for your benefit, especially as a beginner.

According to a study published by the Journal of Obesity in 2011, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective way to burn fat, especially around the abdomen. Compared to other workouts, it is more efficient because you get the same results with shorter exercise sessions—the HIIT workout 10 minutes regimen. Plus, you will continue to burn more calories for hours after each session of this beginner HIIT workout.

With all the proven benefits of this 10 minutes HIIT workout for weight loss that also improves your overall health, it is easy to get too excited to start and try the first workout you find. But, because of its intense nature, you might end up overdoing it. Not only will that discourage you from continuing to exercise, but it will also put you at risk for injury. So, before you start your 10 minutes HIIT workout at home regimen, you must approach it with caution.

To approach these HIIT beginner workouts or exercises correctly, start with short sessions and increase in duration and intensity. This is a beginner HIIT workout, so there is no rush and no reason not to listen to your body. Because when your body is ready, everything else will fall in place.

If you are a beginner looking to shape up through short but intense exercise sessions, here is a 10-minute HIIT workout at home that anybody can start and succeed with right from the comfort of their home. For this workout, you will need a mat and a sturdy chair. When you are ready, do the following exercises one after the other. Then, take a 30-second rest before doing the series all over again, from the beginning.

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The first 10 minutes HIIT workout at home starts with lunges, forward lunges. These HIIT workout 10 minutes for beginners was designed to last 10 minutes, including the rest period. But feel free to pause and catch your breath at any time if you need to catch your breath.

Forward Lunges

  • Stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your hands at your waist.
  • Take a giant step forward with your right leg and lower your body so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Lift your body and step back to return to your starting position.
  • Repeat this movement with the right leg 15 times before doing the same with the left side.

Incline Push-ups – excellent beginner HIIT workout

  • Take your chair and ensure it is backed up against a wall to keep it from moving.
  • Place your hands at the edge of the seat, around shoulder-width apart.
  • Kick both legs back, so your body is straightened like an inclined plank.
  • Clip your elbows close to your sides and slowly bend them down to lower your body.
  • Go as low as you can before slowly pushing yourself back up.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Dead Bug – works well when combined with other 10 minutes HIIT workout

  • On your mat, lie on your back with your arms straightened out perpendicular to the floor.
  • Lift your legs from the mat and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Slowly lower and straighten your right leg while lowering your left arm straight above you.
  • Take your right leg and left arm back to the starting position.
  • Do the same with your left leg and right arm.
  • Keep alternating between the two sides until you have completed 20 or 10 reps per side.

Triceps Dips – effective HIIT workout 10 minutes regimen

  • Sit on your chair and hold on to the edge.
  • Slide your buttocks off the chair and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • Slowly bend your elbows to lower your butt towards the ground.
  • Lift yourself back up by straightening your elbows.
  • Repeat 10 times.
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Plank Shoulder Taps – another popular HIIT beginner workouts

  • Position yourself on a high plank where your palms are flat on the mat and your elbows are straightened out.
  • While keeping your entire body straight and stable, lift your left hand off the mat to touch your right shoulder.
  • Place your hand back and pause for 2 seconds before doing the same on the other side.
  • Keep alternating between both sides until you have done 30 reps or 15 per side.

Concluding thoughts on 10 minutes HIIT workout at home

The 10 minutes HIIT workout at any level works and can benefit anybody dedicated to achieving measurable results. Whether you are aiming at a beginner HIIT workout or a pro looking to improve your craft, it can help you because it saves you time while being remarkably effective. With the HIIT workout 10 minutes regimen, you can find time for a short exercise daily, no matter how busy you are.

 It is believed that doing 10-minute HIIT workout for beginners every day for six days a week is the best approach to achieving your goal—so try it. Try doing these HIIT beginner workouts daily or as often as possible and see what happens.

Thanks to the perfect combination of strength training and cardio in this list of workouts, you may even reach your goals quicker than you think. If you dedicate yourself, chances are that you will observe changes in your body sooner than later. You will burn fat more quickly than any other exercise you might try and feel healthier and more energetic.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you. And those are your list of 10 minutes HIIT workout at home regimen.

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