10 Early Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer

10 early warning signs of cervical cancer: Cervical cancer is a deadly disease that kills hundreds of thousands of women worldwide each year. According to The Global Impact Study of Cervical Cancer, about 490,000 new women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and about 270,000 die each year.

Knowing the signs of cervical cancer symptoms is especially important to your survival. This article will share ten early cervical cancer warning signs that you should watch out for to save your life. This article will also touch on cervical cancer’s various stages and symptoms.

An estimated 13,170 women all over the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. However, the death toll has continuously decreased with each passing year. This turnaround is because women have been more proactive in taking preventive measures not to contract this type of cancer.

And even when they do, they manage to catch it early on. Unfortunately, the story is different for women in developing countries—whose cervical cancer is often discovered at late stages of cervical cancer symptoms or signs.

Women diagnosed early with cervical cancer have a higher chance of surviving than those who find out too late. So, women need to know these ten early warning signs of cervical cancer so that they can catch the illness quickly.

Below are those ten early signs of cervical cancer symptoms women should not ignore.

1) Lower back pain – obvious signs of cervical cancer symptoms

Constant pain around the lower back area can be one of the cervical cancer warning signs. Pain connected to the lower back can signify many different health problems. That is because the area is linked to many of the internal organs. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most ignored early warning signs of cervical cancer.

2) Leg pain – often ignored cervical cancer warning signs

Aside from lower back pain, sudden leg pain may also validate the existence of cervical cancer in your body. This typically comes after the individual has experienced other symptoms and started feeling lower back pains.

Women experiencing both symptoms have a higher probability of having cervical cancer, so it is crucial to get screened immediately. Late stages of cervical cancer symptoms, when discovered, can mean life or death, so early discovery is critical.

3) Pelvic pain – Late stages and symptoms of cervical cancer

Having pelvic pain is one of the most probable signs of cervical cancer. This pain is focused around the appendix and pelvic area. However, this only occurs after the cancer cells have already developed, so you must watch out for some of the earlier symptoms before the pelvic pain to have a better chance of successfully fighting the disease.

4) Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is one of the signs of cervical cancer symptoms you should not ignore. Women with cervical cancer typically lose interest in eating. This is one of the initial signs usually exhibited by women with cervical cancer. However, it is also one of the most ignored because it can be caused by several factors, including anxiety or stress.

5) Weight loss – often unexplained cervical cancer warning signs

Although it may also be connected to losing appetite, some women with cervical cancer still experience unexplainable weight loss even though they may be eating as much food as they want. That is because their body starts to process food and nutrition differently.

6) Abnormal vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is one of the early warning signs of cervical cancer every woman must be alarmed about. Women with cervical cancer have an abnormal amount and characteristics of vaginal discharge. They may produce an increased vaginal discharge. Or experience some bleeding in addition to vaginal discharge.

They may also notice that their vaginal discharge has an unusual odor. It may come out as pinkish and watery or have a foul smell—Definitely signs of cervical cancer symptoms that should not be difficult to recognize.

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7) Longer and heavier menstrual periods

The typical and regular menstrual period flow lasts for about 3-7 days, but cervical cancer may cause a woman to have a more extended period and heavier blood flow. Again, this one of the cervical cancer warning signs should alarm any woman early on that something is wrong.

8) Pain and vaginal bleeding during intercourse

Though various stages and symptoms of cervical cancer can vary, frequent vaginal bleeding during intercourse should alarm anybody. Cervical cancer may lead to abnormal bleeding, including vaginal bleeding after intercourse.

This is caused by tumor growth around the reproductive organs as cancer develops. Women may feel pain during sex and experience abnormal bleeding after. Do not allow this to lapse into the late stages of cervical cancer symptoms.

9) Vaginal bleeding during menopause

Another sign of cervical cancer for older women is having abnormal vaginal bleeding even after their menopause due to the presence of tumor growth.

10) Unusual vaginal bleeding between periods

This applies to women who have regular menstrual cycles. Cervical cancer may be one of the causes of vaginal bleeding even before your 28 or 35-day period ends. However, there may also be other factors that have caused this symptom, so you must validate it with some of the other known warning signs. The best thing is to consult your doctor to be sure—this is one of the apparent cervical cancer warning signs.

Concluding thoughts on 10 early warning signs of cervical cancer

As you can see, the signs of cervical cancer symptoms vary a great deal. And these are only some of the most common cervical cancer warning signs. Of course, none of the stages and symptoms of cervical cancer should be taken for granted—because cervical cancer can be very deathly if ignored.

Whether you are concerned about late stages of cervical cancer symptoms discovery which are often difficult to treat—one thing should be clear. One of the best ways to avoid missing the signs and symptoms is getting regular check-ups.

 When it comes to cervical cancer, you should not ignore it. Just keep in mind that it is always better to have a proper check-up before assuming the worst. Women who catch their cancer early have a survival rate of 92%. So, make sure to know the signs and symptoms ahead of time to have a better chance of surviving this dreaded disease, just in case. And those are the 10 early warning signs of cervical cancer. Thank you for reading, and best of luck to you.

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